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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

romantic bouquet featured in utah bride blog magazine

We recently created a most romantic bouquet for a Utah Bride Blog Magazine shoot, and we are so in love with the images of our work.  This textures and colors in this bouquet hit the nail on the head for a perfect late winter to early spring look.

We used white and red charm peonies, romantic antique garden roses, white o'hara garden roses, pink o'hara garden roses, scabiosa, ranunculus, vendela roses, silver dollar eucalyptus, and jasmine vine in this piece, and tied it all off with a draping burgundy ribbon treatment and gold pins.

Enjoy these beautiful photos taken by David Newkirk for the latest issue.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

pretty brides, pretty flowers, pretty pictures

We're working on updating our portfolio lately, and here are some of our favorites as we've been going through our files.  It brings us happy memories to look back on all these weddings and clients with their custom-designed florals unique to each individual bride. 

Thank you so much to all of those who have chosen to work with Blossom Sweet over the years!  We are so honored to have been entrusted to make your weddings beautiful and we look forward to many more weddings to come!

Photo credits are listed at the end of the post.

Photo credits in order of appearance:

1. Rebekah Westover Photography
2. Lindsey Orton Photography
3. Mikki Platt Photography
4. Mikki Platt Photography
5. Britt Chudleigh Photography
6. Brooke Bakken Photography
7. Ravenberg Photography (L) / Lindsey Orton Photography (R)
8. Lindsey Orton Photography
9. Alixann Loosle Photography
10. Ravenberg Photography
11. David Newkirk Photography
12. Evelyn Eslava Photography
13. Alixann Loosle Photography
14. Stephanie Sunderland Photography
15. Kate Osborne Photography

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

elegant organic wedding at stein eriksen

Please enjoy this small sneak peek of one of our recent events, photographed by Brooke Bakken.  This wedding took place at the amazing Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley.  We love Park City weddings, and this one was showstopping.  If you want a more extensive look into this wedding, please see Brooke's latest post at:


We were SOOOOOOOOO proud of the ceremony backdrop we constructed.  It was a solid greenery wall full of fresh foliage and loads of texture.  It was the bride's dream to have it, and our pleasure and challenge to bring it to life.  It was 18 feet long and over 7 feet tall in the center section!  It took forever and a day, but man alive did we adore the finished product.

We will share lots more!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

rent our shop!

Budding designers take note: we are excited to announce that we will be renting out our fabulous shop on a limited basis.  We are located in Provo, UT, and as we focus only on events and are not a typical shop with standing product or walk-in business, we do not use our shop every day.  Please contact us for more information.

And now, enjoy a peek into our workshop!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

homegrown bouquet featured on utah bride blog

We recently had a bouquet recipe featured on Utah Bride Blog.  You've seen these recipes before, but what's different -- and oh-so-special -- about this one was that the Owner at Blossom Sweet, Melissa Nickle, grew every single element in her own gardens!

Please enjoy these amazing photos by Lindsey Orton Photography, along with Melissa's two cents (two cents, fifty cents, what's the diff?) about her creative process and the elements used.  Then, at the bottom of the post you'll find the recipe breakdown with all the specifics.

Happy Flower Friday, everyone!  I am so excited about today’s bouquet recipe post.  Over the past six months or so I have found a new obsession: gardening.  As a professional event florist I naturally love flowers, but I have happily discovered a new corner of my floral heart when it comes to caring for blooms and watching them thrive and grow over time.  It may take hours and hours, a bit of an investment and loads of hard work, but at the end of the day it is therapy in the most lovely of ways and I love it.

Now just why am I talking about my obsession with gardening in today’s post?  Well, that would be because EVERY. SINGLE. ELEMENT. in this bouquet recipe is something I grew myself!  And I’m just beaming with pride over it.  I knew that this was my month for a recipe post, and I wanted to do something really special, something that would challenge me on both creative and technical levels.  As I thought about what I wanted to do, the thought came knocking: hello, use what you’ve grown!  And I did just that–I did not buy or order a single thing for this bouquet.  I dare say the result of my personal design challenge turned out pretty fab!

Now, how can a bride achieve this look for her wedding day?  Plant a garden, care for it months on end, and pray that the blooms last ’til the big day, of course!  Just kidding, kids.  Fortunately for you brides out there almost every element in this design–from the garden roses, dahlias, clematis, foliage and more–can be ordered through your florist from his or her supplier (subject to seasonal availability).  The only exceptions are the bonfire begonia and lantana, as well as the specific varieties of grasses which may be hard to come by from an ordering standpoint.  That being said, your florist can recommend suitable substitutions for the blooms if needed such as sandersonia or allium, or perhaps bunny tail or wheat for the grasses.

I’ll end by saying that “garden-style” concepts are so hot right now, and I sure hope they’re here to stay for years to come!  I do love them so, and I very much adored creating this bouquet using elements 100% from my very own beautiful garden.