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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

photo of the month: august

Hello and Happy August!  Time for a new "photo of the month". The bouquet we're featuring this month is an ALL-TIME favorite.  We created it for a wedding earlier this summer and it was insanely beautiful.  The wedding was featured last Friday on Utah Bride Blog, so you can see more photos in that post if you'd like. We'll also be sharing the wedding here on the Blossom Sweet Blog soon.  Enjoy!

photo courtesy of Gideon Photography

flowers used in bouquet: movie star roses, black baccara roses, peach stock, fuchsia stock, dahlias, pink mink protea, lisianthus, faith roses, agonis, scabiosa, kiwi vine, coral charm peonies, juliette garden roses, and hypericum.  Finished with burgundy ribbon and gold pins.

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