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Friday, July 5, 2013

"mary's getting married?"

"Mary's getting married?"  That's a line from the movie "The Wedding Planner" and it's so appropriate for today because guess what?  Mary's getting married!  I have been living under the same roof as Mary for the past two years (almost to the day), so naturally I know her pretty well.  And since I have watched her relationship with Steve (her soon-to-be hubs in a couple of hours!) from day 1, I'd say I know him pretty well, too.  In fact, I accidentally referred to him as my roommate a couple of weeks ago!  Anyway, I'm just so happy for them.  And of course I'm thrilled about having the opportunity to do her flowers for her beautiful wedding.

Enjoy a photo of the happy couple (engagement photo by Kate Osborne Photography) as well as a snapshot of her bouquet pre-pickup this morning (bouquet photo by Blossom Sweet).  Best wishes to the happy couple, and happy weekend, everyone!

flowers used in bouquet: dahlias, hanging amaranthus, peonies, garden roses (two varieties), roses (two varieties), stock, hypericum, lisianthus, pittosporum, football mums, italian ruscus, and spray roses.

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