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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

10 in 30 and a few sneak peeks

Hi kids.  I am calling you kids today because if I was a mom and this blog were my child, I would be considered an absentee parent as of late!  But an excuse (or an explanation, rather) I do have.  Our month of June was crazy busy--psychotic really!  We had 10 large events in 30 days, so do the math and that averages out to an event every three days.  So with that said, we hope you'll accept our apologies for our recent blog absence. 

To make it up to you, let us offer you a couple sneak peeks of our recent events.  We'll start with a sneak peek of the head table arrangement we created for an event at Deer Valley Resort in Park City a couple of weeks ago:

Ah, so pretty.  Next, we have a couple of snapshots of a bouquet we created for a wedding at Wadley Farms last week.  Adored this bouquet.

We'll end by saying that we hope these little glimpses into what we've been up to have made up for our stint as "absentee blog parents".  Because we don't pay child support.  ;)

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