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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

pink centerpieces sneak peek

We are currently working on some designs for an event in Salt Lake tonight and thought it would be fun to share a quick sneak peek of the centerpieces.  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

arrangement for sale: today and tomorrow only


We're selling this ga-ga-gorgeous fresh arrangement for $60 (regularly $150). It's super pretty and packed FULL of flowers! Available for pick up in Provo today or tomorrow, or it can be delivered in UT County for an additional $15. Would be great for someone in the hospital, a special someone, a birthday/gift, sympathy flowers... or just to have something pretty for yourself (which we totally advocate). ;)

Call or text 801.669.4646 if you wanna get your hands on this. First come first serve!

Flowers used: roses (2 varieties), spray roses (4 varieties), queen anne's lace, dendrobium orchids, lisianthus, flowering dogwood branch, italian ruscus, and ranunculus.

Monday, April 15, 2013

intimate nuptials at a private sundance chalet

One of our July 2012 brides was married at a private chalet at Sundance.  It was a blustery, humid, rainy summer day (somewhat rare in Utah!) but cleared up just in time for her lovely early-evening event.  This wedding was evidence that investing in beautiful flowers can really transform your event.  While the chalet and the scenery were beautiful, it wasn't until the flowers arrived that it really looked like a wedding was about to take place.

The bride was getting ready in a room upstairs, so she and her mother stepped out on the balcony during set up to see the transformation of the space taking place.  The mother of the bride said to us, "Oh!  This is so gorgeous!  It looked so plain and now with the flowers it looks like this wedding should be in Country Living magazine!"  Of course we were happy as proverbial clams to hear that!  And now, enjoy a few photos from the event. 

photos courtesy of tabulous photography

We found out post-event that the bride teared up with happiness when she first saw her bouquet!  It was a seriously lovely work of art.

The bride opted to have our signature vintage bud vases lining the length of the vineyard tables.  When a large arrangement isn't desired, we love this look for long tables.  

(note that the chairs at the ceremony were later used as chairs at the guest tables, which is why they are not pictured here)

The cake was a cute little buttercream number.  We kept it simple by using a single garden rose with a slight accent of pink veronica and silver dollar eucalyptus.  To finish it off and really make it special we wrapped the cake with a border of variegated lily grass and created a faux-bow effect.

flowers used in the designs:   garden roses, lily grass, silver dollar eucalyptus, veronica, football mums, hydrangea, stock, lisianthus, roses, larkspur, snapdragons, dusty miller, queen anne's lace, freesia, and calla lilies.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

[wo]man's best friend

Had to say goodbye to our dear family dog today, so I quickly gathered some items from around the yard to create a small tribute for the burial.  I won't get into my heartbreak in this post, but I love that this simple piece comes from his stomping grounds, he used to lay beneath the forsythia bushes in the summer. I tied it all together with a flexible branch I found in the garden. I thought it turned out kind of pretty.
 Farewell to my friend, Dudley.  2001-2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pin it to win it

Have you noticed a new little treat on the Blossom Sweet Blog?  A few days ago we installed a "Pin It" button, meaning that when you hover over an image with your mouse, a heart-shaped "Pin It" button will appear in the center of the image.  If you're a Pinner you'll love this, because you simply need to click that heart button on the image you want and it will take you right to Pinterest with the pin ready to go.  Enjoy!

For your reference, here's what the button looks like:

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Photo credits:
Alixann Loosle
Lindsey Shaun
Lindsey Orton

Monday, April 8, 2013

photo of the month + a couple spotlight

We'll start out today's post with a (very belated) photo of the month.  This bouquet was one of our favorites from a couple years back and would be a gorgeous accessory for a spring bride (...or summer... or fall for that matter)!  We adore the mixture of bold and soft tones, as well as the fluffy textures and pops of gray.  When we created this design we called it our "honeycomb bouquet" because for some reason the waxflower reminded us of just that.  Cute! 

photo courtesy of mikki platt photography

flowers used in bouquet:  stock (two varieties), roses, silver brunia, pepper berry, pittosporum, and waxflower.  Finished with gray satin ribbon.
Also, we have another wedding coming up this weekend and today you get to enjoy the backstory of the cute bride & groom.   We posted a photo of the bride's portrait bouquet a couple of weeks ago, it was the beautiful orange-toned piece with draping andromeda.  So lovely.  And now, before you read their story of l'amour, go ahead and take a guess as to how long they dated until they bought a ring.  Will you be surprised?  Well read on and let's see, shall we?  :)


photo courtesy of chantel marie photography

What did you do for your first date?
Well, our first date was to Tepanyaki Grill and Temple Square.  Mind you, he's from Arizona and only had lived up here for a week, so the cold was a huge change and a bit interesting for him considering he didn't even own a winter coat! 

What is your funniest memory as a couple?
Our funniest memory... that's tough.  Tyler and I tend to be children most of the time--we keep each other laughing and laughing.  Something unique about us though, we just happened to buy a ring two weeks after dating. When you know, you know!

Who said I love you first?
I have to admit, I hinted the three words all day but never actually came out and said it.  I kept saying, "I need to tell you something... but i think I'll wait."  Finally that night he came out and said "I love you."  He beat me to it!

What are your favorite qualities about each other?
She says:  My favorite quality about Tyler would have to be his childish fun side.  There's a never a moment where he's not throwing in a joke--he rarely takes anything seriously.  He's such a motivated person when it comes to anything!  He keeps me on my feet and I love it.  He will be such a successful person someday; I've never met a boy who's so organized and on top of things.  I could go on and on about how amazing he is and the example he is to me in my life. 

He says:  She's the most caring person I have ever met.  I love her sense of humor and how we're always laughing.  She makes me want to be a better person, and I can't wait for our future together!

Tell us a little bit about your event concept.  
Our reception will be held at Gardner Village, which is STUNNING to begin with.  I'm going for more of an anthropology vibe--I've bought nearly everything there in my colors!  I'm hoping that when you walk in guests will instantly know what my colors are, especially with the beautiful flowers!

How did he propose?
Here's the story of our proposal.  We had plans to go to dinner on a Saturday night, and somehow we ended up at my parent's house.  He got me to go downstairs to my room where "Will You Marry Me" was spelled out in roses on my bed.  There were candles lit everywhere and a handsome boy on his knee.  While on his knee, my cute brother jumped out of my closet to take pictures (I told him I wanted a photographer in hiding).  It was simple and sweet. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring bouquet sneak peek

Hello lovelies, just wanted to share a quick sneak peek of the bouquet from last weekend's wedding.  It was a spring beauty!  The details on this wedding were so cute.  Enjoy this up-close snapshot we took of the bride's bouquet and watch for the professional images in the future.

flowers in the bouquet:  stock, yarrow, sweet peas, poppies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias craspedia, lisianthus, roses, tulips, and spray roses.