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Thursday, March 28, 2013

callie & brad sittin' in a tree

Our last wedding of the month takes place this weekend, and it's going to be a bright beauty!  The location of the event is La Jolla Groves restaurant at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.  For any of you who have been to La Jolla Groves, you know that the set-up is unique.  While an indoor restaurant, the atmosphere really takes you outside to a grove of lemon trees--the ceiling is covered with branches, leaves, and lemons!  We are subtly tying that element into the designs by using fresh whole lemons here and there in the arrangements. 

So as you can see, Callie & Brad literally will be "sittin' in a tree!"  Enjoy a peek into the story of their love.

photo courtesy of lindsey stewart of green apple photography

How did you meet?
We met in Washington, D.C., where Brad attended dental school and I attended law school. We lived pretty close to each other (in the same singles congregation at our church) and had mutual friends.

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?
One unique thing about our relationship is that we survived long distance dating for most of our relationship. Brad lived in D.C. finishing up dental school after I moved back to Salt Lake, and then I continued to live in Salt Lake after he moved back to Orem, UT to start his dental practice. We are excited to finally be living in the same place! We also find it quite unique that our families share a few quirky traditions, like playing pipe "bells" at Christmas.

What is your funniest memory as a couple?
We met when we had both just moved to Washington, D.C. My roommate and Brad had a mutual friend who thought they should be friends, so Brad came over to our apartment to say hello. For some reason, we have all agreed that the night felt really awkward! So, Brad and I basically avoided each other for the next two years, until a friend and I got a flat tire and Brad came to the rescue. (It is especially funny that my Dad owns a tire store and I had no idea how to change my own tire!)

What is your favorite quality about each other?
She says:  I love that Brad can talk to and make friends with anyone. 
He says:  I love her thoughtfulness. 
Tell us a bit about your event design concept.
My wedding design is simple and bright! I love yellow, so we have lots of yellow accents. I also like things to be simple, so we are having a dinner at La Jolla Groves in downtown Salt Lake City with close family and friends.

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