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Monday, March 4, 2013

a fallish kind of wedding

Awhile back we had a wedding featured on Utah Bride Blog along with an editorial piece on picking your wedding palette.  We just haven't shared the photos here on the Blossom Sweet Blog yet, and we figured it's high time we do so!  With spring at the door, we have some serious fall and winter weddings posts to knock out.

So this was the palette in question:

And this was the wedding that came as a result of said palette:

photos courtesy of kate jeppson photography

flowers used in the designs:  heirloom hydrangea, hanging amaranthus, pepper berry, dinnerplate dahlias, heart roses, snapdragons, stock, smokebush, wheat, leucadendron, lisianthus, spray roses, calla lilies, standard dahlias, agonis, eucalyptus, and birch branches.

1 sweet thought{s}:

Karen Ella said...

Holy gravy, I love this wedding so much. I've seen the pics a dozen times, but it is still STUNNING...not to mention that I love the people too!