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Thursday, February 14, 2013

a love story brought to you by yours truly!

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!  Is there a better day to share a cute love story of one of our clients?  We submit there is not.  And guess what?  Today you're in for a special treat as this particular spotlight features a "meet cute" brought to you by the Owner of Blossom Sweet herself.  Yes, not only can she make your big day beautiful, but it seems sometimes she can literally make it happen! 

So happy to have been a part of bringing this love to life.  Enjoy the story of Caitlyn + Spencer.

all photos in this post courtesy of justin hackworth photography

How did you meet?  
Well anyone who knows me best knows our reason for meeting was Miss Blossom Sweet herself.  That's right Miss Melissa Nickle found this wonderful man for me!  I told Melissa about a great deal I saw on Travelzoo for a girls getaway.  We headed up to Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City for some much needed R&R!  I was trying the online dating scene per my mom's request to "just give it a shot."  I logged on to show Melissa the boys who were emailing me, and from there Melissa started chatting with people and played around as if she was me!

We had some fun fooling around with Melissa in the driver's seat saying a bunch of funny things and talking to random people.  Then suddenly she came across Spencer.  She knew about this guy from where she grew up.  She said he was a great guy, funny, and in medical school!  I said go ahead talk to him!  After that night of talking to Melissa (who he thought was me!) we ended up exchanging numbers and Skyping every night.  Spencer eventually came to meet me in person in Arizona and the rest is history from there!

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?  
Besides for the unique way we met, when we first met in person we hugged for the first time and we both knew in our hearts that we'd found each other.  I kissed him and then he looked at me and said "We're gonna get married," and I replied, " I know!"  It was the most wonderful and overwhelming and almost scary feeling I'd ever had!  We now both look at each other and are in awe that there truly was someone out there that was a perfect match! We are always saying how blessed we truly are to have found such great love in this life. 

What has been your favorite date together?  

Our first Valentines Date!  I was working in Arizona and Spencer lived in Vegas at the time, so he came into town for the holiday.  We planned to have dinner at home and we both had to dress up.  Spencer cooked away and made my favorite meal: filet mignon with lemon linguine and asparagus and I made chocolate covered strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

I got home from work to hurry and shower, and found that Spencer was already  in his suit looking suave and doing the finishing touches on dinner!  I got to my room and found a love note with a heart-shaped box of See's candy and a dozen roses.  I melted. When I was ready (complete with the earrings he gave me for Christmas), I came downstairs hoping to get the "wow" response... and check!  We had the downstairs to ourselves (with two roommates upstairs by the banister creeping in with lots of whispers and giggles).  We had the music, the lighting, the food, the dessert, while we were both looking our best.  It was perfection!  It was such a romantic night and we were so in love.  This will definitely be a night that we will recreate again!

When did you first realize you were in love?      
She says:   I had gotten really sick and wasn't living near my parents.  Spencer was in town and by the way Spencer took care of me, I just knew that it took a great love for someone to take care of another that way.  I knew I could love this man forever.  He was tender, gentle and caring and stood by my side until I was able to get back to health.     

He says:  We came to Utah for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Caitlyn had to go back to work and I was staying in Utah.  When I realized Caitlyn was going away the next morning I just died.  I knew it was different than anything I had felt before in my life.  I was helpless.  And Caitlyn now adds her two cents to the story: "That was the first night we said, 'I LOVE YOU!'"

What are your favorite qualities about each other? 
She says: I could go on and on!  But my most favorite is how genuine Spencer is.  He is a completely confident man and has not one ounce of arrogance.  When Spencer came to meet my family for the first time for Christmas they all picked up on this great quality, too.  He's just such a kind and gentle being.  Spencer is also so dedicated and diligent in his church and in his schooling.  He is in his 3rd year of medical school and he loves medicine.  It makes me happy to see his work make him so happy.  Spencer works extremely hard and is dedicated to become a great surgeon to help people get better.  He has such a kind heart and I love him dearly.  I am so happy to be married to such a wonderful man!    

He says: Every last one of them!!!

Where did you go for your honeymoon? 
Spencer surprised me with a cruise to the Western Caribbean! I had yet to be on a cruise! Spencer loves them and I was so excited!

How did he propose?  
I flew in to Vegas pretty much knowing he already had the ring!  I was so nervous.  I even got nervous about us getting married the night he was going to propose.  I was a mess while he was calm and wonderful.  I was being silly and nerves were getting to me.  Needless to say he didn't pop the question like he had planned to that night (not just because of me being silly, but because the weather was bad and ruined his plans).  But the next morning, I was sleeping and Spencer came into my room and got on one knee and yanked my arm to wake me up.  I woke up and was in shock to see the most perfect ring in his hand!  He asked, "Will you marry me?"  I went straight in for a kiss and hugged him so tight.  I came back to look at the ring and he said again more questionably, "Will you marry me?... I finally responded,  "YES of course!"  We then kissed and just enjoyed the moment!  It was such a wonderful feeling having that ring on my finger!  I wouldn't have cared if it was a rubber band.  It truly is just such a great symbol of our love.  

From the first time we met I always knew he would be the one I would marry.  Now being married it's such a special feeling knowing our love has been so strong throughout our whole relationship!  


And now a few photos from their beautiful wedding at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, the first photo being of the best buds Melissa (Owner around these parts + Caitlyn's bridesmaid) and Caitlyn (officially a "Mrs." + Spencer's bride)


2 sweet thought{s}:

Jessica Ungvichian said...

I had no idea that you set them up Melis! How fun!! Love her flowers and her cake, it's stunning!

Lindsey said...

I helped him pick out those earrings. I knew the day I met Caitlyn that she would be my sister-in-law! LOVE this!