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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

special order: christmas statement piece

While we don't typically take on "everyday" design requests, we do occasionally create large-scale custom orders.  Each December for the past several years we've created a holiday piece for the birthday of a client's wife.  We are given creative reign with these designs which makes creating them such a joy (not to mention that the recipient is the sweetest soul)!  This year the husband wanted us to do something using his kitchen light as a base.  So, we got our creative juices flowing and below is a photo of what we came up with.

**disclaimer, this is a phone pic so please excuse the poor quality

We loved, loved, loved designing this piece which hangs above the kitchen table.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty fun to use a lot more glitter than we do in our typical events... which amount (with a few exceptions) is usually close to zero.  :)

1 sweet thought{s}:

Lori said...

Amazing! What a thoughtful guy!