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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

spooky centerpiece

While today's post has nothing to do with our typical subject of weddings, it does have to do with flowers.  And... with Halloween!  We love the spooky holiday, and wanted to share a simple centerpiece concept with you if you'd like to try your hand at it for tomorrow.  Enjoy and have a fun & safe holiday!

The details:

Flowers used:  roses, spray roses, bronze football mums, seeded eucalyptus, agonis, pepper berry, stock, button mums, cushion mums, snapdragons, and birch branches.

Other elements:  tin can (tutorial below), pull-apart spider webbing, glitter spiders ($1 at Walmart), and fake cockroaches (pack of 12 just $2 at Walmart)

Tin-can tutorial (to make your tin-can container look spooky-licious):
  • First, simply use a spray bottle to spritz the can with water.
  • Next, take some black spray paint and spray over the water. 
  • Finally, take a paper towel and lightly dab the can.  
  • Let dry.

Friday, October 26, 2012

extra extra read all about it

Happy Friday!  We had a lovely event yesterday and can't wait to share photos with you. 

And as per the post title, today Blossom Sweet is featured on two different websites, Utah Bride Blog and Mikki Platt Photography.  Below are the links and info.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

First, we have a wedding featured on Utah Bride Blog in which Melissa Nickle (the owner 'round these parts) offers her advice to brides on picking your perfect color palette. 

Second, one of our October client's bridal portrait session is featured on the Mikki Platt Photography Blog.  Her wedding took place a couple of weeks ago and it was a beauty.  Enjoy these photos of a gorgeous bride and lovely fall bouquet.

More to come from both of these events in subsequent posts.  Have a happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a jim & a gem

We are so excited for Tiffany's wedding which is coming up this week.  Seriously, is she not one of the prettiest girls you ever did see?  She (along with her cute mom) is an absolute gem.  Enjoy the spotlight below featuring her love story!

photo courtesy of alixann loosle photography

How did you meet?
We met on the 4th of July through mutual friends. We hit it off pretty quickly as he is really outgoing and easy to talk to. On our first date he was so excited to surprise me with a date he'd been planning. He picked me up and started driving towards the mountains, and he wouldn't tell me where he was taking me. He brought me to a little lake and pulled out a raft, pumped it up, grabbed a whole bunch of blankets and we headed to the lake. We had a really good night cuddling in the raft, looking at the stars, and just talking and getting to know each other.  Cops came and kicked us out, which made it more of an adventure. I thought he was so cute and thoughtful. Best date I've ever been on.

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?
Something unique about us is that our parents were in the same ward (church congregation) twenty-something years ago.  When my parents were newlyweds they lived in my grandparents' basement and his parents lived down the street.  Who knew Jim and I would meet so many years later!

Also, Jim has 16 nieces and nephews, and I have none. Two of his nephews are older than me and one of his nieces is my age. We think it's pretty unique that I'll go from 0 to 16 nieces and nephews in one day.

What is your favorite thing to do together?
We love going rafting (like we did on our first date), camping, picnics, and anything outdoors really. 

What are your favorite qualities about each other?
 About him:  Jim is really talented at everything he does. He is so thoughtful and caring, and such a likeable person. I love how genuine he is -- I was comfortable and myself with him from day one. One of my favorite things about Jim is he always makes me laugh until I cry.  He's always joking and is really witty. If he thinks you're funny he'll put his hand on his chest and his laugh will go a little higher.  I think it's cute!  He is so good with kids and is very family oriented, which makes me excited for us to be a family. I just love everything about him!

About her:  Tiffany is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met. The first time we hung out she brought me an elaborate cupcake that she had made because she knew I loved them. She is constantly thinking of others and doing special things for them! I love how ambitious she is and that her ambitious desires are always for the benefit of others instead of recognition for herself. She is going to school to get a degree so that she can help others feel better about themselves! That's just how awesome she is!  She is also extremely funny and easy going. She is always making me laugh, is fun to be around, and is up for any kind of adventure at anytime... and I love that about her!

Tell us a bit about your event concept.
I love anything floral, lace, and gold. I'm translating that into a vintage, feminine, and classic wedding.  My colors are soft jade and coral with gold and neutral accents. I love simple elegance, so my wedding wont be over the top.

Who said "I love you" first?
Jim said "I love you" first. I was teasing him one night saying, "you must be real 'in like' with me," and he told me that night he was "real in love" with me. He caught me off guard; I told him he was really sweet and didn't say it back for a couple days.

How did he propose? 
He proposed on the Fourth of July, just a year after we met. Jim thinks a lot of girls have too high of expectations, so for our first Valentines Day he was dreading it because he felt like I would be like most girls and would want the date to be over the top (he had a bad past experience). I started teasing him saying "Yeah, it would be nice to have rose petals, go to the nicest restaurant and get a dozen flowers, go to a tall mountain with the prettiest view, and there better be a helicopter involved!" He knew I was totally joking and we just had a nice dinner at Chili's where we ended up having the best time. We considered the 4th of July our one year anniversary mark. We gave each other a couple presents, he got me a dozen roses and we went to a nice dinner. After dinner he brought me up the mountain with the prettiest view and told me he had one more present. For some reason I was oblivious and thought maybe he was embarrassed to give me this present earlier in the day. I opened up the present and it was a toy helicopter. I again was so confuse... when did I ever want a toy helicopter?  He told me that he knew I would want the prettiest view and a helicopter would need to be involved, then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. He had his friend video taping and taking pictures, so we get to replay my confused face and me crying after. He is the best listener and remembers everything I say.  On the Fourth of July there were fireworks when we met, and once again when he proposed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

fa la la la fall

We are infatuated with the designs our fall events have brought to us this year.  Are you all ready for some sneak peek posts? 

Today's sneak peek features the bridal party from one of last weekend's events.  It was a stunning soiree and we just adore these images by Mikki Platt Photography.  Enjoy!

flowers used in bouquet:  
garden roses, dahlias, queen anne's lace, hanging amaranthus, agonis, roses, scabiosa pods, stock, sage, football mums, lisianthus, and geranium.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a backyard wedding feature

Hello Blossom Sweet friends and thanks for stopping by.  Yesterday a few images of our work were seen on Utah Bride Blog in a post showcasing the lovely backyard wedding of one of our August brides.  Enjoy!

photo courtesy of jacque lynn photography

PS. It was an adorable occasion and when we arrived to set up, we noticed that the couple's answers from their Blossom Sweet spotlight were printed out and displayed at each cocktail table so that guests could get to know the couple's love story.  It gave us all sorts of warm fuzzies to see that!

Monday, October 8, 2012

the bride with two portrait sessions

We have a wedding coming up in November that is sure to be a showstopper.  The bride has chosen to have two separate bridal portrait sessions pre-event, which is a first for us.  That being said, that means we get to create three bouquets for her when all is said and done, all cohesive to her event design yet all different one from the other.  So, needless to say we wholeheartedly approve of this plan!

Below are a few gorgeous images taken from her first bridal portrait session.  Enjoy!

photos courtesy of madelyn wayment photography

Flowers used in bouquet:  
Roses, football mums, tree kale, veronica, rosehips, and knifeblade acacia.  
Finished with a champagne satin wrap and lace overlay.

Friday, October 5, 2012

a dose of cuteness for your friday

We are about to embark on another two-wedding weekend here at Blossom Sweet (which is to be followed up by yet another one next week!).  Ah, we love fall weddings.  And to all of our fellow wedding-obsessed souls, today we are sharing a link with you which showcases the emotion of various grooms in their "first look" photos.  We love the idea of having a private "first look" moment.  Do you?

Visit THIS LINK to view over twenty similarly sweet images.  
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

an original palette: a new photo of the month

Happy October!  Our new photo of the month features an arrangement we created last fall for a retro co-ed inspired shoot (which shoot was featured on Green Wedding Shoes!).  We chose this particular image because of a few of the elements which are only available this time of year.  For example, check out those cool navy blue tones coming from the black pepper berry as well as viburnum berry.  There are so many rad (yes, rad) items you can get during this stunning season, and we say go for it.

So if you are having a fall wedding, why not mix it up with a color palette that isn't typical?  Be the exception to the cookie-cutter rule by utilizing the unexpected elements fall offers to you.

photo courtesy of tonya peterson photography