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Saturday, September 22, 2012

evelyn + marcelo

A wedding is coming up very soon 
Of a gorgeous bride 
And a handsome groom.  

So excited for Evelyn & Marcelo's wedding this weekend.  It is going to be truly stunning!  Evelyn herself is a talented photographer in the industry (Evelyn Eslava Photography), so we were flattered to be her florist of choice.  She's a detail-oriented soul and we cannot wait to see her plans and our designs come together.

photos courtesy of alixann loosle photography

How did you meet?
We met long ago, the summer before my last year of high school at a friend's house after a day at Lagoon.  He actually wanted to meet me when he saw a picture of me, so this was his opportunity. 

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?
We think the most unique thing about our relationship is that even though we don't always think the same or like the same stuff (such as religion, food, music etc.), we respect each others opinions and love each other for who we truly are.  We are accepting of each other, and we somehow meet in the middle and like lots of stuff together.

Also, we have been dating for seven years.  He's from Salt Lake and I am from Orem, so long drives will be remembered from our dating years.  :) 

What is your favorite thing to do for fun as a couple? 
We just like doing whatever together, it can be anything fancy or just simple.  We like to watch movies at home or go eat in the middle of the night and talk to each other about everything. 

What are your favorite qualities about each other? 
She says:  My favorite qualities about him would be that he is such a smart guy, a super sweet guy, and he's just nice to everyone.  Plus, he knows how to cook.  ;)
He says:  My favorite qualities about Evelyn would be that she's a nice, talented, and smart girl.  But also, my favortite thing would be her heart -- she has a pure and sweet heart. 
Tell us a little bit about your event design concept.
We wanted something simple, but at the same time elegant (yet not too over the top).  A little bit of a vintage and romantic feeling... but still whimsical!

How did he propose? 
We went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill at Riverwoods Mall and then we drove up Provo Canyon.  When we got to the top we got outside of the car to see the lights from the city, and he looked at me and showed me a little box.  Then he opened it and I saw the ring and he simply asked me, "Would you marry me?"  I had a feeling this was happening... and I said... "Yes!"

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