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Friday, June 8, 2012

red butte wedding preview

As we mentioned a few posts back, we'll be sharing small previews of our recent work (don't even get us started on how behind we are on posting LAST year's events...).

The following images are of the bouquet of one of our May brides.  It turned out to be quite the spring beauty, as was her wedding as a whole!  And of course the color palette looked amazing combined with Red Butte's stunning wisteria display.  We've been loving working up there a lot lately.

One thing we loved about this bouquet was that the bride chose to make it stand out.  The color palette of the entire wedding included shades of ivory, yellow, purple, and green, but the bride added a pop of pink just to her bouquet to make it extra special.  What a great thought that was!

photo courtesy of ravenberg photography

We actually had back to back weddings with Ravenberg Photography this particular weekend - one on Friday and one on Saturday.  Good thing we sorta like each other and each others work!  Okay, maybe a little more than sorta.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

flowers used in bouquet:
Ranunculus (yellow + pink), ruffled edge roses, peonies, lisianthus, sweet peas (white + pink), silver brunia, and stock (purple + buttercream).  Finished with a yellow satin wrap with a lace overlay and jeweled pins.

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