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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

noelle + eric spotlight

It has been a long time since we've done couple spotlights on the blog but we are going to be bringing them back every now and then.  Let's start by introducing you to Noelle and Eric, a couple for whose wedding we are designing in a couple weeks.  In her responses, Noelle talks a little about the design concept for her Sundance Soiree, and believe us - it's gonna be a femininely rustic thing of beauty.  Enjoy getting know this cute couple!

photo courtesy of aria photography

How did you meet?

We were both training for a triathlon down in St. George. A month or so before the triathlon I was training with a friend and we planned to go on a long bike ride, she invited Eric. We ended up chatting for the majority of the ride and then when we got back we decided to go on a run too. While I was putting my bike back in my car he asked my friend for my number, which at the time I didn't know.

What is most unique thing about your relationship?

We are a pretty normal BYU couple. I would say that something maybe a little different is that we are both really independent. However, this works well for us because we are both capable of living individual lives but we would rather live them together. I actually thought of something, we both like to watch documentaries! I guess we are nerds.

What was your first date?

Eric fights wildland fires during the summer and so we had a few dates planned that fell through because he got called to a fire. Luckily for him, after a few stand-ups I still went out with him. We went to a BYU women's soccer game and then walked around provo while chatting and went to go get frozen yogurt. It was really fun and conversation flowed really well. We hung out everyday after that.

Tell us a little bit about your event concept and what you are excited about regarding your wedding.

Our reception is going to be at Sundance, we want the outdoor/woodsy feel incorporated with romance and a simple elegant feel.

What are your favorite qualities about each other?

About him:  I love that Eric is very determined and is very organized and on-top of his life. He gets things done and is always successful. I think that is a very attractive quality.

About her:  Noelle is very optimistic and friendly. She is also really hard-working and dedicated.

How did he propose?

Since biking has been incorporated on a lot of our dates, it was fitting that Eric proposed on a bike ride. We had planned to go out to my sisters house to play games and eat dinner one Friday night and Eric suggested that before that we bike up American Fork canyon, since it is close to where my sister lives. It was a pretty cold day in January so we bundled up and biked up to Tibblefork reservoir. I had no idea that Eric had the ring so I was not suspecting a thing. On the bike ride up  I was getting a little tired and so Eric kept asking if I was having fun, he wanted to make sure I was enjoying myself if he was going to purpose. At the top we had to bundle up even more for the ride down. Eric gave me his warm liner gloves to wear underneath my current gloves. As he put the gloves on my hand he slipped the ring onto my finger. He then pulled the glove off and got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. It was great, then the ride down to the car was so cold that I might have started to cry. He now jokes that I cried when he asked me to marry him,  but not out of happiness. It was perfect for us and something we will always remember. 

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