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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

give me a giveaway - Tiffany & Co.

Wow, everyone.  WOW.  Yesterday's shoot down in Southern Utah was mind-blowingly beautiful.  We cannot wait to share the images with you next month!

And now, on to today's amazing giveaway.  We announced last month that Blossom Sweet has been nominated for "Best Wedding Flowers" on KSL's A-List.  Well, we are still in the running and there are just two weeks left to vote.  If you love Blossom Sweet let us ask you this: have you voted yet?  If so, you get to enter today's giveaway!  Lucky you.  If you haven't voted yet, there's still time!  If you hop on over and vote you can still enter.  And now for the juicy prize details (you're gonna want to read this):

Have you ever dreamed of owning and wearing jewelry from Tiffany & Co.?  Or even just having one of the famous Tiffany-Blue boxes?  Your dream may be very close to coming true, because the winner of this giveaway is going to receive a necklace from Tiffany & Co.'s key pendant collection all wrapped up in the pretty Tiffany-Blue box and a white bow.  Amazing, right?

images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

To enter to win this giveaway simply vote for Blossom Sweet on KSL's A-List and leave a comment on this post including your name and email.  You do not have to be from Utah to enter, we are happy to ship this gorgeous prize anywhere.  This giveaway will end on Wednesday, April 11th.  The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on April 12th.

Good luck!

As many of you know, Tiffany & Co. recently celebrated the opening of an approximately 3,500-square-foot store in Salt Lake City, Utah. The store is situated in the new 700,000-square-foot City Creek Center, a world-class fashion and dining destination located within a beautifully designed urban community in downtown Salt Lake City. The store opened to the public on March 22.  Be sure to check it out!

35 sweet thought{s}:

Hema and Becky said...

Oh I voted for you! I'd vote 100 times if I could! :) I think you have my email already.

Jessica said...

I just voted for you! I love your flowers :)
Jessica Ransom

Rachel Rasband Rushforth said...

Rachel Rasband Rushforth

Amber said...

I voted!

Amber Higgins

Justin + Liesl said...

I voted for you of course! Had the best flowers ever at my wedding.

Liesl Woods

Kristin said...

I totally voted for you! Your flowers are amazing!

Kristin Manning
krispixkay at hotmail dot com

allie & jeff said...

How could I not vote for the lady who did my own wedding? Good luck!!

Erin Masi said...

I voted!!! I hope you win! You do such beautiful work!

Tricia said...

I voted! *Ü*


Nancy said...

I love your work and definitely voted for you! Best of luck, Melissa. You deserve it!


alexkono said...

i voted!
Alex Hulme

The Sauls Family said...

I voted, and I promise to use you if I ever get married again. ;)

Laura said...

I just voted, and your standing went up a place! I'm obsessed with Blossom Sweet. Everything you do is fantastic!

Laura Haines

Sara said...

Oh you KNOW I voted!


caitlynirene said...

I want to win!

Kaylee said...

Hands down you have the best wedding flowers. I already voted :), good luck!

Erin said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I voted!

Erin Anderson

Stephanie said...

I voted :) Love your flowers, love you.

stephgholmes at yahoo

paige and jord said...

i voted! and i wish i could vote a million more times- you deserve it melis! good luck girlie.

paige staples

Rachel said...

I voted!
Rachel McDonald

Anonymous said...

I voted! Good Luck Sister :)

Brianne Fallis

Karen Ella said...

Me. mememememe. ;)

Karen Ella
your lucky neighbor

Anonymous said...

Voted! obvi, lets get that necklace for this guy! Justin Nickle NEEDS this item :)

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Rachel Folkman
I really hope you win, you are so talented and would love to see you be number one! What an amazing give away, makes me want to do one this good on my blog. Best of luck to you, fingers crossed that you win!!!

Heather Bliss said...

Voted for ya! Good luck Melissa! Super cool that you got nominated! :)

Heather Bliss

Lori Pridmore Dayley said...

Lori Pridmore Dayley

Amberlin Bodily said...

I hope you win!!

AmberliN Bodily


Sherry Duffy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Blossom Sweet!!!!

Kellie said...

Just voted! Good Luck!

Kellie Worthen

Laura Lu said...

I voted! Laura - LiquidShiver@hotmail.com

Neltje Maynez said...

Voted! A million times if I could!


Amy said...

I voted! (and the winner is being announced on my birthday...so.....may the random number gods shine on me! :D)

Anonymous said...

Voted! Beautiful flowers everytime! Becky Ravenberg Reed (I can't figure out my blogger acount right now) ravenberg at g mail dot coms

Becky said...

Voted! Love ya, sorry if you did get the other comments. They where all true too...I think google might have eaten them.

Anonymous said...

I voted! :)
I'm italian and I love Tiffany & Co. but I haven't nothing of this jewelry!! *_*
I hope that isn't a problem that I'm italian... fantastic and sweetie blog!!!! ^_^

Ps: I hope that I have not written something incorrectly that would cause a misunderstanding.

See you later and good luck!!!! ^_^

e-mail: lauren_sweet_dream@hotmail.it