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Monday, February 27, 2012

utah valley bride bouquet #3

Today we are happy to introduce you to the last of our three bouquets featured in the gown section of UV Bride Mag. This little beaut' makes an appearance several times and we loved it.

We saved this one for last because it screams spring and we are more than ready for that season and the blooms it brings! Just as with the other bouquets, Mikki Platt Photography graciously captured some lovely images for us pre-shoot. So thank you, thank you, Mikki, and now enjoy the gorgeousness that is this bouquet:

In the magazine we called this little number our "honeybee bouquet" because we think the waxflower looks like little honeycombs. So cute!

flowers/elements used in bouquet:

ruffled edge roses, pepper berry, silver brunia, waxflower, variegated pittosporum, stock (2 varieties), slate gray satin ribbon, pearl pins.

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4 sweet thought{s}:

Karen Ella said...

Um...I just fell in love...with a bouquet. Seriously. I'm in love with this one. I know, I love them all..but, like, I WANT this one. This is gorgeous. Holy cow. Can't. Stop. Staring...

Rachelle said...

I know you don't repeat work but I'm going to need something VERY similar someday :) LOVE it!

Stephanie said...

If it's possible, that is one of my favorites. So beautiful!

Karen Ella said...

Just so you know yesterday's kudos weren't a fluke: I came back today to stare at this puppy. AND I showed it to a bunch of people at work. Sheesh, Meliss. You're a genius.