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Thursday, November 3, 2011

november's photo of the month

Hard to believe that October has come and gone, is it not? Well, a fond farewell to October... but we welcome November with open arms - our favorite time of year!

We thought this photo of a wreath we created nearly a year ago would be a great photo of the month for several reasons. The wreath was initially shared several months ago and more info about it can be found in this post. Essentially, we chose this photo because November kick-starts the most sentimental, family-oriented time of the year, and this wreath was one of the most sentimental pieces we've ever created.

Happy November!

photography by jamen long

elements used: wheat, seeded eucalyptus, sunset safari, spray roses, bear grass, salal, and thistle. finished with tan satin ribbon.

2 sweet thought{s}:

Marta Becerril said...

beautiful. I keep being amazed at how talented you are, Melissa. You created such a harmonic combination of colors out of elements that are so uncommoon in a wreath. I love to see the posts of your work as every piece is truely a work of art and a pleasure to behold.

Karen Ella said...

Hey Marta!! Meliss, I fell in love with this wreath the first time I saw it. It's just absolutely gorgeous. And then, when you read the symbolism behind it all...teary. I love it. And I love you.