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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tanisha's bouquet and the inspiration behind it

We mentioned back in August that we had a wedding coming up in which the bride had based her design concept around one of our past wedding bouquets. Tanisha was that bride, and the following two photos were the inspiration behind her design concept:

portrait bouquet inspiration (2009)

wedding day bouquet inspiration (2009)
As we pride ourselves on custom work, we do not duplicate past designs for new clients. However, we are happy to suggest alterations which will make a loved and sought-after design unique to any bride. That was the case with Tanisha, and this was the bouquet we came up with for her wedding day:

As you can see, the bouquets have a very similar look, yet at the same time are rather different in their makeup. Now Tanisha can say that her bouquet was unique to her and her alone!

flowers/elements used in Tanisha's bouquet: stock, callas, china berries, freesia, bells of ireland, lisianthus, cymbidium orchids. finished with peacock feathers, black feathers, black satin ribbon, black pins, and a turquoise wire wrap.

1 sweet thought{s}:

Karen Ella said...

awesomely beautiful, as always.