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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

women in weddings luncheon, september 13th

*NOTE: RSVP's were due on Tuesday, but there are still a limited number of spots open. So even if you missed the deadline, feel free to contact Melissa with Blossom Sweet to see if there is still availability to RSVP. [801.669.4646]

Local wedding vendors: did you know that in 2010, Melissa Nickle, Owner at Blossom Sweet; and Audrey O'Brien, Owner at Studio Stems, co-founded the Women In Weddings Utah organization? And did you know that the second of our semi-annual luncheons is coming right up on the 13th of September, and that RSVP's for said event are due TODAY? And finally, did you know that if you are an industry professional you are totally invited?

The event is going to be outstanding, the guest list so far is stellar, and the sponsors are impressive (to say the least). It is a great (and fun!) opportunity for network with other professionals in the local market and will do nothing but boost your biz.

We hope you'll be joining us! Here's the invitation for your review (click to enlarge):

Thanks, vendor amigos!

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