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Friday, August 5, 2011

a stunner in the truest sense

We LOVED Meredith's portrait bouquet we created earlier this summer and felt that it was a stunner in the truest sense of the word. We couldn't be happier to have these images from one of our favorite photographers (whom we recommend in the highest regard!), Mikki Platt Photography. No bride could possibly regret choosing Mikki to capture the biggest moments of her life on her wedding day. Thanks for the photos!

And are these Utah views not breathtaking in every way? What a gorgeous place it is which we call our abode! Enjoy the fabulous photos of this fabulous creation and have a great weekend!

photos courtesy of mikki platt photography

flowers/elements used in bouquet: scabiosa pods, peonies, allium balls, hanging amaranthus, stock, sweet peas, and fringe tulips. Finished with a loose burlap overlay and custom burlap floral embellishment.

3 sweet thought{s}:

Great flower lady said...

dont you just love hanging amaranths?

Karen Ella said...

That has to be the most beautiful burlap I've ever seen. ;) Love it.

Anonymous said...

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