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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

photo of the month: august

Happy August! August has always been our busiest month of the year here at Blossom Sweet and August 2011 did not disappoint. We completed our first wedding of the month yesterday, and we have some incredible events coming right up!

Now onto our latest photo of the month - we're going to feature an oldie but a goodie! We loved this 2009 portrait bouquet. A very simple design, but very funky at the same time. We have an upcoming wedding for one of our September brides whose floral concept is based around the wedding that this particular bouquet belonged to. While we do not duplicate our designs (every bride deserves one of a kind!), it's always fun to take a new spin on one of our previous concepts and make it fresh and customized for a new client. Stay tuned...

Photography by Blossom Sweet

flowers/elements used in bouquet: eggplant callas, thistle, green callas, black feathers, and black satin wrap, finished with a turquoise wire and pin handle treatment

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