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Thursday, August 25, 2011

mikki + midway + mountains = groomals

Hello! We have been so busy the past week working on an exciting editorial shoot for Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom as well as a huge destination wedding we have coming up this weekend (which is going to be gorgeous!). That being said, apologies for the lack of posting - it sure hasn't been for lack of being busy!

We recently received the following photos from Mikki Platt Photography of a lovely little groomals session shot in the beautiful mountains of Midway, UT. Oh how we love that stunning area of our dear old state, and you already know we rave about Mikki, so enjoy these beauties!

The oh-so-intense summer heat this August took a bit of a toll on the blooms in an outdoors shoot (has it not been SOOOO hot this year?!), but the photos still turned out perfectly lovely.

Flowers used in bouquet: scabiosa, stock, lisianthus, silver dollar eucalyptus, queen anne's lace, and bouvardia. Finished with a twine wrap.

Thanks so much for the photos, Miss Marvelous Mikki!

1 sweet thought{s}:

Karen Ella said...

Still gorgeous. So, we were bored at work the other day, and I walked out to chat with the girls at our front desk...who were all checking out your blog (from mine)!!! Ha! We went through and they all ranted and raved...and I encouraged it. :)