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Monday, August 15, 2011

liesl + justin: a "WOODSy" soiree

When we met Liesl and her cute mom for our initial consultation way back when, it was an extremely stormy and cold evening. They had a bit of a hard time finding the location in the storm, and had parked quite far away and had to brave walking through the storm to try to find us. We knew we'd get along great when they walked in to the appointment windblown and covered in snow & sleet... and were laughing about it! Yes, just as we suspected, the consultation was very fun and there were lots of laughs the entire time. They are such fun clients and have been a true joy to work with!

And now, fast forward to today. Liesl is tying the knot tomorrow morning and we're very excited for her sure-to-be-beautiful event. And as it is the eve of her wedding, enjoy her couple spotlight which she kindly agreed to do. Thanks, Liesl!

photography by dan hixson photography

How did you meet?

I met some of his friends while he was still on his mission and we all became really close. The day after Justin came home, I went with my friends hiking up the "Y" and he came along. He was very shy and he wore a hat so I could barely see his face! We didn't even carry on a conversation that first day!!!!

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?
We definitely follow the saying "opposites attract." I'm a ballroom dancer and he is a skateboarder/musician. I love dressing up and he's confident being casual. I'm the oldest in my family and he's the youngest
. I like staying inside watching movies and he likes to be outdoors. I like having my quiet time and he loves always being with people. He doesn't like olives on his pizza and I wish they would invent a pizza with only olives! The list goes on but we couldn't be happier!!

What was your first date?
A week after we met, I told my roommate that I was extremely interested in this new handsome guy I just met! Five minutes later I get a call from Justin asking me out!!! He picked me up and we stopped at Subway and picked up a footlong black forest ham sandwich and some Power-ade. We headed into Provo Canyon and did a small hike near Canyon Glenn Park. It was beautiful! Up there we played frisbee, well, he threw it and I never caught it and I threw it and he had to run 20 yards to get a little closer to where it landed, and did some exploring. After we ate and played we headed back down and as we got closer to the car he asked me if he could hold my hand (Who is this guy! How great!)!! Of course I said yes! We headed to Arby's and shared a chocolate milkshake and then he told me that this was all he had planned so if I wanted to I could go with him to his sister's house and watch a movie. (This is at 9:00 p.m. and little did I know that this was a little test given to him by one of his sisters to see how well I thought the date is going and if it wasn't going well for him..... date over early! Good thing he didn't!!!!) We watched Transformers and we also might've had our first kiss as well! Two years later, the rest is history!

Tell us a little about your design concept:
The feeling of our wedding is a more natural, rustic, woodsy feel. My new last name will be Woods so I wanted to highlight that a little bit. Everything about the reception is just going to be enhancing the natural feel that is already there. Light pinks, sage green, and different shades of tan and brown are the colors for our reception. We wanted everyone to feel so relaxed that they just wanted to stay and enjoy the day with us. We are both so excited for everyone to come together and celebrate! We are going to have pictures everywhere and different arrangements of flowers leading the way to the party. We really cannot even wait!

What are your favorite qualities about each other?
Him: One look at Liesl and you can see that she lights up the place wherever she is. She has the most beautiful smile which makes everyone around happy. Liesl is also very funny/goofy :) - she likes to make people laugh. She cares so much for people and can easily create great lasting relationships. Especially for me, Liesl just makes me be a better me. She loves and wants me to do my best. She has such a love, and is so sincere that even when she is not around, I know she is there for me.

Her: Justin is very kind and sweet and sincere. He loves his family and always wants to be around them. He wants to make sure everyone is happy and always having a good time. He is very charismatic! Justin never talks badly about others and always looks for the good in sticky situations. He loves to laugh and hearing his laugh you can't help but join in! He is very creative and talented. He's a great singer and whenever I try to sing along he never makes fun of how horrible I am. Last but not least... his devotion and love for me is one of a kind! I am so lucky!

How did he propose?
Justin and I waited on standby to see "The Foreigner" at Hale Center Theater
. We were there about an hour and a half early and were the first ones to get in! I was such a funny and great show! Afterwards it was about 10:30 and we were both STARVING! It's really not very nice to go to a restaurant that late but we did anyway. We decided on Carrabba's! I had some delicious pasta and he had a yummy chicken dish. After we were done eating we let our food sit and and then he asked me if it was okay if we stopped by his sisters house real quick after we were done. I said yes and asked why. Then he told me that he wanted to stop by so we could tell everyone that we were engaged!!! Then he got down on one knee next to the booth and asked me to marry him!!!! How sweet!!!

Thank you again, Liesl, and best wishes for tomorrow!

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