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Friday, July 22, 2011

yours truly as captured by darla roze photography

In case you have ever wondered just whose face is behind the scenes of Blossom Sweet, you're about to find out. My friend and local photographer extraordinaire, Darla of Darla Roze Photography, was gracious enough to take some head-shots for me this Spring to use as profile shots for work. Do you know Darla? You should! She's just about the most genuine gal in the world, and her talent is just as authentic as her sincere genuineness.

Anyway, I've had the photos for quite some time, but have been somewhat hesitant in sharing because frankly it feels weird to post photos of myself on the business blog. But, then again, I am the Owner and Head-Designer of said business, and I am so grateful to Darla for these images so I think it's only fair to share.

So now enjoy these photos of me, Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet. Yep, it feels weird even to say it. Ah well.

Photography: Darla Roze Photography
Hair & Makeup: Enizio

I'll end with this last photo which is particularly significant to me because it is me holding the vintage gold brooch which was my Great-Grandmother's, who passed it down to my Grandmother, who passed it down to me. These photos were taken less than a week before my grandmother was set to have a massive cancer surgery, and I wanted to incorporate the brooch in honor of her. And I'm ever so grateful to say that the surgery was a success!

Thank you again, Darla!

6 sweet thought{s}:

Jessica said...

These are absolutely stunning Melis! I love them all. You look smokin hot! And I'm so glad you posted them because I haven't seen your pretty face for such a long time! Miss ya!

Stephanie said...

Look at you, Miss Model Meliss! You can even have serious-faced pictures look amazing!

LOVE those pictures, love your style, love you!

caitlynirene said...


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, why in the world were you hesitant? These should not only be on this blog, but in magazines. Seriously, why are you holding back the rest of your talents, girl? YOu could be modeling. And P.S. totally digging your style, where are you shopping, I need to get on that train?

Karen Ella said...

Bah! I tell you all the time how stinkin GORGEOUS you are. An these pics just prove it. So beautiful. Goodness....

Tracy said...

Melissa, you are so beautiful! These photo's are fab!