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Friday, May 20, 2011

break it down for me

As we briefly mentioned in our last post, we had two weekday weddings for which to design this week, and yesterday was the second of the two. Both were at Wadley Farms, but both were immensely different! Tuesday's wedding (which unfortunately we don't have any pics of) was shades of plum, white, and black and was very funky, modern, and whimsical. On the other hand, yesterday's event was very natural, earthy, and eclectic in shades of khaki, chocolate, cream, earthy blues, and all natural greens. Both were beautiful in their own right!

We did manage to get a few bridal party snapshots of yesterday's event. Granted, we had to take them around 8:30 am when it was POURING rain, so we had about one foot of space on the porch to work with to get these photos which made it pretty difficult. Please keep that in mind! The reception was so, so beautiful but we unfortunately did not have an extra minute to take photos. Ah! The cake! The cake was to die for! This was a bride who was dedicated to the details, and it really paid off. We hope to see the professional pics of the wedding and share them with you in the future. For now, here are a few of our bridal party snapshots.

The bride's stunning-in-every-way bouquet:

The bridemaids bouquets which were mono-botanical, showcasing just one type of flower per bouquet.
All were unified by the dusty miller, silver dollar eucalyptus, and soft blue ribbon:

The boutonnieres:

Now, while we were putting the bride's bouquet together and had everything laid out on the counter, this is what it looked like:
While looking at this view, an early morning idea came to mind that we should start a new blog series. We will be calling this series:

"Broken Down Bouquets"

The concept is to take a bouquet and break it down into each individual element for both inspiration and to show what really goes into a bouquet. So, with this wedding we created our first "Broken Down Bouquet" board. Enjoy!

"Earth and Sky"
by Blossom Sweet

Top row, left to right: birch, ..., wheat, white stock
Second from top, left to right: berzelia, waxflower, gypsophila, succulents
Third row, left to right: scabiosa pods, tulips, ..., lisianthus
Bottom row, left to right: dusty miller, yellow stock, silver dollar eucalyptus, novelty leucadendron

So brides, readers et al, is this concept something you'd like to see more of? Do you find it helpful and/or interesting? Let us know what you think!

4 sweet thought{s}:

Karen Ella said...

ooooooh, I love it! (Now, obviously I love it for more than one reason, but still.) Love it. Love them. Love YOU. Thank you!!

Megan said...

love the concept and think its wonderful! hope to see more broken down bouquets :)

Carson said...

Melissa!! loved this blog update :)
i will send you some pics of the wedding, for now Becky Ravenberg has some pictures of the wedding on her facebook page and on her website..more to come. thank you so much! everything looked GORGEOUS! just how I imagined it :)

Elissa Stewart said...

First off, the bouquet you did was so unique! I don't know if I've seen anything like it. And yes, I do like the breaking down of all the elements, so I say keep it coming!