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Thursday, April 14, 2011

oh snap! + out of the office

First off, we will be out of the office immediately following this post and will be returning Monday. Calls and emails will be returned at that time.

Now, do you remember the SNAPdragon bouquet we introduced last month? Well, we're bringing it up again because the bride, Julie, was so kind to share a couple of her professional photos with us! They are so beautiful - we LOVE them. Thank you Julie!

Now compare our measly photo of her bouquet...

...to the professional photographer's photos:

OH SNAP! We just can't even compete with that! It goes to show that a good details photographer is so important. This is the same exact bouquet, but it looks completely different when the professional is behind the camera. Girls, invest in a great photographer. We do so love it when you do.

Happy weekend! See you next week!

flowers used in bouquet: red alstromeria, white/red bi-color alstromeria, spray roses, tulips, snapdragons, hypericum berries

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