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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

give me a giveaway: $150 value photo pass!

It's time for another giveaway! Spring has been a bit slow in coming this year, but we do believe it's almost here... for real. And here in Utah, there are few places as pretty in the Spring as the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, especially during the Tulip Festival (because we do so love a pretty tulip) which is being held this year from April 15-30.

So let's talk about this prize, shall we? We are thrilled to be giving away a $150 photo pass to Thanksgiving Point! It is a combo pass for the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and Reception Gardens. Brides/photographers/families/seniors - this is a great offer! Anyone can enter, and the pass does not expire.

How to enter:

  • leave a comment on this post telling us how you found out about Blossom Sweet
  • include your phone number and/or email address in your comment to ensure that we'll be able to contact you should you win

Finally, bask in the beauty that is the Thanksgiving Point Gardens (and go ahead, let your imagination run wild thinking about the gorgeous portraits that would come out of it!):

all photos taken from the Thanksgiving Point Gardens Facebook Page

Good luck!

10 sweet thought{s}:

Bockholt said...

I would love to win! I first heard about Blossom Sweet when my sister Kaylee used them for her wedding, which turned out beautiful! I only wish I knew about Blossom Sweet when I got married. My email is kierabockholt@gmail.com

Cascio Photography said...

I met Melissa with Blossom Sweet at the Women in Weddings retreat!! And its been so fun getting to know her more since then!! :) I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks Melissa for such an awesome giveaway!!!
Brittany Cascio

Laura said...

One of my friends on Facebook had liked you and so I looked you up, liked you on Facebook as well, and fell in love!
e-mail: texas_chik16@hotmail.com

erin said...

I had the privilege of living right next to the lovely Melissa for awhile. I took a little flower class that she taught one evening for a group of girls in the area. Melissa is fabulous and I would so love to win this.

Cynthia Dean said...

After the UBB shoot, Im your biggest fan Melissa. Wether I win or not, You know I got nothin but L.O.V.E for ya! Although, we could do some killer stuff with that pass!

Amanda said...

I heard about you from the Utah Wedding Vendors facebook page. This is an amazing giveaway!

jamieandkarenandrews said...

Hey melissa ... you should know, but I found you through ms. laura w. and we have blessed to both know you and use your services. I would love to win this great prize ... I've never been to the tulip festival and would love to go! Thank you for such a wonderful surprise :)

Jill said...

I've known Melissa since what, 7th grade? And then you gave me business cards right after your mish when you were just starting up, when I ran into you at Interior Elements. It's amazing where you are now, Congrats!

PS- We just added a new little boy to our fam so our family pictures are outdated. I would soo love to win this!!

Nancy said...

I have known about Blossom Sweet for a while and am so happy that it's in business! Everything is always so pretty. And like other comments, I wish I had her around for my wedding! nancy.randle@gmail.com

Jillian said...

When you first started I got a message from you about Blossom Sweet on Facebook to come check out your website and blog. I've been following it ever since. That photo pass is a great idea too! We've had to use those a couple times, but they're definitely worth it. Such a beautiful place... fitting that you would love it because it's SO you to blog about the tulip festival :) They do it every year over my birthday. Love it!

(Oh, and FB me if this does win since I don't like giving out my contact info... that ok?)