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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

alysha + jesse sittin' in a tree . . .

Alysha + Jesse are getting married this weekend, and we are a level or two above and beyond excited for their designs! A timelessly elegant color palette of champagne, gray, buttercream, ivory, and apple green with infusions of ambient light are bound to make their's an event to remember.

And just who are these sittin'-in-a-tree-lovebirds, anyway? Without further ado, meet the cute couple:

[photography by Dan Hixson]

What did you do for your first date?

Alysha: "Our first date was more of a 'hang out' because we were both too shy to be alone together. A bunch of our friends got together and went swimming and had a BBQ at one of Jesse's friends houses. Even though we were both extremely nervous that night, I fell for him right away. We had a fun time laughing and playing; he even tried to "woo" me by singing songs with his guitar. I think it worked." :)

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

"We are just like any other couple and enjoy going to movies,out to eat, bowling,etc. But the two things that we LOVE to do that some may find strange are playing chess and playing catch phrase with just us two. We laugh our heads off and nothing can ever top those moments."

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

"Seeing as we both have to go back to work soon, we are going to spend a couple days up at a cabin! It will be fun to get away and relax together."

What are your favorite qualities about each other?

Alysha: "I love just about everything about Jesse, but a couple things I love the most is how caring and hard working he is. He knows just how to take care of me or others when something is wrong. He is very good as showing how much he loves me. He is such a hard worker. He is so determined in anything he does and am thankful for that because he keeps me going a lot of the time."

Jesse: "I love everything about her but I am going to have to say I admire her faith the most. She always stays positive and helps me to do the same when I'm having a bad day or somethings are going wrong. And I love her for that!"

What is the most unique thing about your relationship?

"I would have to say the most unique thing about our relationship is that we have lived on the same street and grown up together almost our whole lives. It is crazy for us to think that our whole lives we tried to imagine our future spouses, when really we were seeing each other at least once a week, every sunday, for years. Who knew we would be marrying the girl/boy from down the street?"

How did he propose?

Alysha: "We were coming home from seeing a movie and needed to go somewhere else but he "forgot" his jacket at my house and wanted to get it. He ran inside while I waited in the car. After a good ten minutes he finally called me and asked me to come inside. Not having any clue what was waiting inside, I hurried in. I walked into my house full of rose petals, candles,and a beautiful meal. He brought me in and I turned to him and he was on one knee. He said all these wonderful things, including how he thought proposing at my house was perfect because it was where we grew up together. Then, he popped the question! I was crying and shaking and saying weird things but I somehow managed to get "Yes!" out. Then we enjoyed a nice meal while staring at each other (and the beautiful ring). It was perfect. :)"

Thanks oh-so-much, you two, for completing your Blossom Sweet couple spotlight! We're so looking forward to Saturday (but not as much as you are...)!

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