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Thursday, February 24, 2011

love notes: we love 'em

First of all, our blog absence the past week is due to not only President's Day Weekend festivities, but also due to a VERY exciting new endeavor for Blossom Sweet that we are working on. Details coming soon!

Secondly, we received two messages from clients yesterday whose weddings took place in the past week or so, one message via text, and one via facebook. We thought we'd share their lil' love notes on the blog today:

client love note via facebook:

"Hey Melissa! I just wanted to say thanks so much for doing my flowers! They were GORGEOUS!!!! Honestly probably one of my very favorite things about my wedding day. You are so talented and I just can't tell you thank you enough. :)"

client love note via text message:

"...Your flowers were a HUGE hit! There were a couple of moments that I wish I could have recorded for you when people were gushing over the flowers."

This, my friends, is what we like to hear! Love notes - we love 'em. Happy clients=happy florists.

these ADORABLE little love cards can be found here

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