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Monday, January 31, 2011

bittersweet sympathy

Today was my uncle's funeral, and I am so glad I was able to go. I actually really like funerals, because in my experience they are a celebration of life, and today's case was no different. It was a really good, really bittersweet day.

I was so honored to be asked to represent all of the nieces and nephews in creating a wreath for the funeral. My uncle was a farmer by profession in Delta, UT, and I wanted the wreath to be an expression of that part of him. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out; it was a wonderful and special experience to be able to do this for him both in honor of his life and in reverence for his fight with cancer.

So, let me now share some photos of the design with you. These photos are so fantastic - a true treasure! Thank you's beyond measure to my friend and photographer-neighbor,

Jamen Long,

for sharing your camera, your talent, and your time with me in helping to capture this special piece in the way it deserved to be captured. Ah, my family and I cannot thank you enough! Also, thank you to the sweet man who let us use his home as the perfect backdrop for the photos. Perfection. Enjoy.

each element represented a specific thing from the farm: wheat (wheat), seeded eucalyptus (alfalfa seed), sunset safari (ears of corn), spray roses (his nickname was "Tex," so the roses were used as the "yellow rose of Texas" in honor of nickname), bear grass (hay), salal (freshness of life), thistle (beauty of the farm and country)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

fix you

Let me tell you up front, this post will be somewhat of a sad "getting to know the artist" moment.

Last night I was driving home from Salt Lake after having been up there all day for a committment I have on Wednesdays, when the song "Fix You" by Coldplay played on a CD mix my best friend gave me for Christmas. My uncle and my Grandma had been on my mind the past three days, and especially the entire time this song played. My uncle has been fighting kidney, bone, lung, and brain cancer for about eight months now, and this song brought me to tears thinking about my uncle's pain as well as how sad my grandmother must be at this age and time in her life to have to sit by and watch as her first child approaches the end of this life, knowing that there's really nothing she can do to "fix" him. Right after the song was over I turned off the CD and decided to call and check in with my dad to see how my uncle was doing. He informed me that earlier that day, my uncle had passed away, and they were waiting for me to get back from Salt Lake to tell me.

I'd really love it if you would watch this video, which is of a performance on "So You Think You Can Dance" to the song "Fix You." It is one of the most beautiful and inspiring dances I've ever seen, and if you listen to the story of why it was choreographed, you'll see why it has meant a lot to me today. I wish I could embed it (its disabled), but since I can't please visit this link:

see the above photos here

I know this isn't a dance blog, or even a personal blog. But, it is a beauty blog, and it is an art blog. This dance is certainly beautiful, and it is absolutely art. I know I will see my uncle again, and this dance just reminds me that he is now free from being trapped in a body filled with constant pain, and although its still extremely sad, that fact makes me feel happy for him.

Monday, January 24, 2011

editorial shoot sneak peek

Fall 2010 brought an editorial shoot our way, and we were happy to be a part of it. Although the bulk of the photos have not yet been made public, the talented Jacque of Jacque Lynn Photography has been generous enough to let us post a few photos of the bouquet we created for the shoot as a sneak peek of sorts. Thanks, Jacque!

Enjoy and watch for further photos at some point in the future (when the photos go public).

flowers/elements used in the bouquet: hydrangea, roses, spray roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, dusty miller, handcrafted skeleton leaves, ruffled satin wrap.

It was a gorgeous shoot and a pleasure to work with all involved.

The vendors included: Jacque Lynn Photography, Enizio, Alta MODA, Utah Bride & Groom, and of course Blossom Sweet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blossom sweet in the press 2011: part 2

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend. We have been so excited to announce that several photos of our work have been featured in the 2011 edition of Utah Bride & Groom Magazine. We have found ourselves to be infatuated with this year's out-of-this-world publication and are oh-so-honored to say we are a part of it!

The (stunning) cover:

one of the details pages:
(to see more pages, see UB&G's preview post here)

Our work can be found in the magazine on the following pages:
55, 59, 63, 64, 67

a couple of our favorite Blossom Sweet photos featured in the mag:
(Photography by Kate Osborne, cake by The Bungalow. More photos of our work are featured on the aforementioned pages.)

Brides-To-Be, be sure to pick up a copy of Utah Bride & Groom ASAP. It is a feast of delicious, delightful details.

Thanks, UB&G!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

consultation season: we so heart you

So, we have much more to post in regards to Blossom Sweet in the 2011 press, but first may we tell you how much we love the consultation season? We have been so busy consulting with 2011 brides lately, and we adore this time of year because it sets our imaginations ablaze with visions of our future designs. And may we tell you just how elated we are about our latest consultation? Read on.

Earlier this week we found ourselves perusing the pages of the latest Martha Stewart Weddings mag, and there were a few designs that tickled our fancy so much that once viewed, we immediately found ourselves dying to do. Well, two of the designs we loved happened to fit in perfectly with our latest [and so so adorable] Blossom-Sweet-Bride-To-Be's vision, and she & her mom loved the general concepts for her event as much as we did (of course the designs for her wedding will be variations of this concept, not replicas).

Here are the two designs we're talking about, the gray succulents and fresh garlands in particular:

find the above photos (and many more beauties!) in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Oooh baby, we can't wait! Consultation season: we so heart you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

blossom sweet in the press 2011: part 1

We are excited for so much exposure in the press this year both online and in print. Our next several posts will be to announce this exposure.

First, we have once again been named and recommended by Utah Bride Blog as one of the top floral vendors in the state of Utah for 2011. What an honor! Check out our listing by clicking on the "vendors" tab, and then selecting the "flowers" category.

Those of you already familiar with UBB will see that Utah Bride Blog has undergone a facelift of sorts, and the new design looks spectacular. It is very user friendly, crisp, colorful, and (as could be expected) all around lovely!

One of our personal favorite new features is the portfolio option with all the recommended vendors. Now, it is easy for the planning bride to get a snippet and sneak peak of any listed vendors work with the click of a mouse without having to leave UBB. Be sure to check out our portfolio which features 15 little lovelies like this:

photography by yan photo

Thanks again, UBB. We are looking forward to a great 2011 with you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

simply sentimental: january's photo of the month

While we won't go too much into it, this particular bouquet photo (shot on film, hence the scanned image) from one of our 2005 weddings is very simple, very sentimental, and very special to us - especially in regards to this time of year. It therefore only fits that it would be our first 2011 photo of the month.

flowers & greenery used in bouquet: roses, salal, israeli ruscus, italian ruscus, bear grass

Have a great January, everybody!

P.S. We have much to share in the near future of Blossom Sweet's exposure in the 2011 press - stay tuned!