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Monday, December 27, 2010

hope you had as merry a christmas as ours!

Ah, what an outstanding Christmas we had this year. Yes, we know we have been absent from the blog for a week. Let's just say... we hadn't exactly planned on such a long, sweet, divine hiatus... but the prospect of an entire week off in honor of Christmas became a prospect much too enticing to pass up!

And now, one week later, here we are once again. Christmas has come and gone, family visitors have traveled home, "real life" has commenced in all its "real life" guts & glory, and we are back (somewhat hesitantly, somewhat enthusiastically) in the blogging business.

One of our favorite parts of the Christmas season each year at Blossom Sweet is that there is a special order we work on for a special client who orders a special focal piece for his special wife's birthday/the holiday. It's special, okay? Creative freedom is free to run not only through our veins but throughout our designs with these orders, and we totally love it!

(One request with these orders is that we use flowers that will bloom and last throughout the holiday season. So, you'll notice that many of the flowers are tight. This is done on purpose so that the arrangement's beauty and transformation can be enjoyed for at least a couple weeks.)

Yeah yeah yeah, here's this year's design (which, BTW, was far too large to capture appropriately!):

With the first photo, you'll notice that the reflection of yours truly (taking said photo) is in each ornament. I thought it was a nice touch:

Here's what all the flowers in the arrangement will have looked like when in full bloom (long after we took the photos):

flowers/elements used in arrangement: peonies (2 varieties), ranunculus (2 varieties), leptospermum, godetia, eucalyptus pods, eucalyptus leaves (silver), salal, cedar, silver-dusted pinecones, silver/glitter-dusted birch branches, pistachio Christmas ball ornaments

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z potrzeby wnętrza said...

Pozdrawiam z Polski!!!!-aga

Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet said...

Well that is officially Blossom Sweet's first comment in Polish. Thank you for visiting and for your comment!

For our readers: we looked it up, and "Pozdrawiam z Polski" in English means "Regards from Poland."