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Thursday, December 2, 2010

back to december {all the time}: photo of the month

I'm always spouting off about how I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and yet her songs are always in my head somehow. How does that happen? Maybe I really am a Taylor fan. Loving her song on the radio lately, "Back to December."

And in the word's of Miss Swift, here we are in 2010, "back to December" once again. We here at Blossom Sweet are looking forward to all of the upcoming Christmas festivities. What better way to start out the month than with a sentimental photo of the month from Heidi's December wedding last year? As Heidi is a dear friend, it was particularly special to work on her event. Here is a shot we got of her bouquet just prior to her ceremony, December's photo of the month. Enjoy!

flowers/elements in bouquet: roses (2 varieties), silver brunia, pepper berry, cedar, callas (2 varieties), feathers, black satin, oversized vintage brooch.

1 sweet thought{s}:

studio stems said...

stunning and so festive, adore this december bouquet!