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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VOTE! quick opinions needed in our latest poll

We are putting together our Utah Valley Bride ad for 2011, and we thought it would be a good idea to do a little market research of sorts to see which photos everyone likes the best. What better place to do that than the Blossom Sweet Blog?

The ad will feature either one or two of the following photos, depending on which photos are selected. Please vote in the poll located at the top left-hand corner of the blog sidebar for which photo you like the best and would most prefer to see in a magazine ad. And if you're feeling extra helpful, please leave a comment telling us what you love (or don't love if that is the case) most about the particular photos. Also, if you can't decide on one favorite, please tell us the two you like the best and why.

Thanks for your help!

photo #1
bride & groom with bouquet
photography by retrospect studios

photo #2
bouquet close up
photography by retrospect studios

photo #3
boutonniere extraordinaire
photography by pepper nix

We appreciate your feedback and support!

12 sweet thought{s}:

The Sauls Family said...

In all honesty, I like the boutinierre (i'm not going back to see if I spelled that correclty!) pic best, but I think #2 will appeal to bride's who are looking at ads more. It's all about them, right? ;)

And there's something just 'off' about the first pic. I think it actually gives the best pic of the bouquet itself, but the overall pic just isn't working for me.

Jessica said...

Um photo number one , obviously!!! I would say it's a tie between photo number one and two, but you know how much I dread my arm in photo number 2! I actually love them all, but I'm a little biased.

Jessica said...

oh, p.s. Picture 1 shows off the bouquet better too :) And it's beautiful!!

Elissa Stewart said...

For sure #1. I love how the bouquet is in focus, but you can still see the the couple in the background happily in love. Number 2 is nice, but the bride's arm is in focus, which would be okay, but the groom isn't in focus at all so the photo seems slightly unbalanced. Numero 3 is also nice, but let's face it, brides are the ones that are going to look at the magazine and I think the bouquet will appeal more to them. So in order of favorites: 1,3,2. Thanks for letting me ramble.

erin said...

I voted for 1.

Elaine said...

I voted for #1. Your artistry is accented well by a great photo.

Decker Family said...

I voted for #1, but I love the boutineer. Simply beautiful.

leslie said...

Miss Meliss, I really love the shot of the bouquet in photo #2. I think the angle of the presentation is best in that one. Best flowers and element of design are shown in #2. Everyone who looks at your pics, will vote based on their own reference point. I'm looking at it from a "flower fairies" perspective.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the boutonniere extraordinaire! Like most people commented, though, brides are the ones planning & they love their bouquets. I still voted for #3 :), but my next favorite is #1.

I'm excited to see you next week!

Karen Ella said...

So, i voted for the bout, because it is spectacular. HOWEVER, I gotta say...I'd probably go with something that's not pink and white. Perhaps that's the florist in me, but I think something similar to your photo of the month really showcases your raw/unequaled talent better than pink and white...just saying...

Lanenga Family said...

#1. I want to see Jessica's beautiful face! I really like the angle, though. And then I like the boutineer pic next.

Karen Ella said...

or jolee's bouquet in the next post down