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Sunday, October 31, 2010

haunted bride: halloween inspiration by blossom sweet

as promised...

"haunted bride"
halloween inspiration by blossom sweet

photo credits: martha stewart, style me pretty, wedding inspirasi, the knot, ryan sweeny, now at home, mdh photo

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

be very afraid

Watch for one or two Halloween-inspired boards later this week. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

busy week! a little preview...

Sorry we have been absent in our blog posting this past week - it has been absolutely crazy around these parts! We had a beautiful wedding on Monday, and then a big event this weekend which we co-hosted (more to come on that!) which swallowed up our blogging time. Deepest, deepest apologies; we know you missed us.

To make up for our blogging hiatus, enjoy this teensy sneak peek of our latest wedding we designed this past Monday, October 18th (photography by Blossom Sweet).

One bride, two bouquets:

Take One / Take Two

This was actually the same exact bouquet, but was rearranged mid-day to create a second look for the reception. It just goes to show that a little rearranging of essentially the same blooms can go a long way in changing the look of a bouquet. Both bouquets are equally beautiful, but are simply arranged in different ways with slight changes.

flowers used in the bouquets: variegated pixie carnations ("take one" only), spray roses ("take one" only), mini callas ("take two" only), cosmic dust pixie carnations, ranunculus (2 shades), lisianthus, stock, salal. wrapped in a gold satin ribbon.

More to come on this event!

Monday, October 18, 2010

can you handle this?

As the owner of Blossom Sweet, I'm going to give you a peek into my personality as another "getting to know the artist" moment. After that, I'll tell you about last Friday's Utah Bride Blog post. Anyway, here is one of my personal facebook statuses a few weeks back (read the comments):

Haha! LOVE it. :)

So, I know that was random, but it leads perfectly into the next topic - a great little segue if you will. Last week's Flower Friday post on Utah Bride Blog featured different bouquet handle treatments/wraps. One of Blossom Sweet's photos was a part of the feature (thanks, UBB!). See the post here. My favorite, favorite wrap featured in the post is the one with the pearls wrapped around it. Gorgeous! All I know is that when this Blossom Sweetness gets married, my bouquet will have an out of this world wrap, believe you me!

Can you handle this?
[photo taken by Blossom Sweet of Holly #3's Portrait Bouquet]

P.S. Blossom Sweet had our first Monday wedding today (have you ever attended a wedding on a Monday? I haven't!) and it was beautiful. Watch for a few photos in the near future.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a couple more options for your color-craving eyes

Okay, thanks to those of you who voted today in our ad poll, and especially thank you for your comments and feedback - the feedback is WHY we are doing this. We received a few requests for a feature photo showcasing a little more color. So, we're going to add a new photo to the mix, take a couple away, and start with an entirely new poll.

The campaign is based upon the premise of "floral couture," and the following are your new options. Please vote and please leave your opinions/comments.

Photo #1
Bride & Groom With Bouquet
Photography By Retrospect Studios

Photo #2
Summer Bouquet Beauty
Photography By Kate Osborne

Which photo would you most want to see if you were a bride and why would it be appealing to you? We appreciate your feedback, thanks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VOTE! quick opinions needed in our latest poll

We are putting together our Utah Valley Bride ad for 2011, and we thought it would be a good idea to do a little market research of sorts to see which photos everyone likes the best. What better place to do that than the Blossom Sweet Blog?

The ad will feature either one or two of the following photos, depending on which photos are selected. Please vote in the poll located at the top left-hand corner of the blog sidebar for which photo you like the best and would most prefer to see in a magazine ad. And if you're feeling extra helpful, please leave a comment telling us what you love (or don't love if that is the case) most about the particular photos. Also, if you can't decide on one favorite, please tell us the two you like the best and why.

Thanks for your help!

photo #1
bride & groom with bouquet
photography by retrospect studios

photo #2
bouquet close up
photography by retrospect studios

photo #3
boutonniere extraordinaire
photography by pepper nix

We appreciate your feedback and support!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

jolee's bouquet = another reason to "like" blossom sweet on facebook

We are all about Blossom Sweet Facebook like-age. As such, we try to give our likers certain perks & incentives. One such perk is the fact that we often share first-looks and sneak peeks on our facebook page long before we share them on the Blossom Sweet Blog (to visit our official Facebook Page, click here).

One such "first-look" was a shot we snagged of Jolee's bouquet just prior to pick up two weeks ago. Two weeks! That's a pretty good sneak peak if you ask us. And now, it's time to see it on the blog.

the bride's bouquet:

Ain't it purdy? We think so! Jolee's color inspiration for her wedding actually came from seeing our current "photo of the month," when it was originally posted as part of a wedding in 2009. A Blossom Sweet fan through and through - the way we like it!

Elements used in Jolee's bouquet: mini gerbs, tulips, spray roses (2 varieties), lisianthus, pincushion proteas, fiddle fern, poppy pods, lemon leaf, mardi gras solidago (green), purple satin ribbon, chartreuse pins.

the groom's bout:

We hope that there will be more to come from this wedding in the form of professional photos (the buffet piece was ga-ga-gorgeous).

So there you have it folks, just one more reason to "like" Blossom Sweet on Facebook - often you'll see our work two or more weeks in advance!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

now that i have my ugly shoes . . .

Remember this post from back in June? Well, tonight's post will be somewhat of a follow up.

Event work requires a lot of on-your-feet set up action, so (seeing as I love me a pair of cute, girly, and unfortunately unsupportive shoes) by the end of the working day, my feet are often in excruciating pain! Well, no more, my friends, no more. Why?

I got the ugly shoes. People, I GOT THE UGLY SHOES.
And now that I have my ugly shoes, my life will never be the same.

Exhibit A (brace yourselves):

So HIDEOUS! So, if you see me at an event and think, "Wow, I would have thought the owner of Blossom Sweet would actually have shoes that had a shred of cuteness to them . . . " you will know why such things can never be.

Sketchers Shape Ups. The ugliest and best invention ever.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

photo of the month: october color splendor

For this installment of our "photo of the month" series, we've chosen to feature a bouquet from 2009 which was of four Blossom Sweet bouquets featured in Utah Valley Bride Magazine, 2010. Here is the accompanying description from the magazine:

"This lush bouquet is made for the bride who is shamelessly unafraid of color. An immaculate combination of flame callas, orange-france roses, burgundy dahlias, chocolate cosmos, and plum lisianthus creates a look which is stunning, striking, and bold."

And without further ado, here's the photo. Love & enjoy!

flowers/elements used: chocolate-brown satin ribbon, vintage brooch (one of our all time faves), hanging amaranthus, premium mini callas, orange france roses, sunflowers, lisianthus, chocolate cosmos, smokebush, dahlias (two varieties).

Happy October!