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Friday, August 13, 2010

a tuscany fete - yesterday's sneak peak

Tori and Eric were married yesterday, and I'll tell you what, their event was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR. I loved every little detail about it. Tori looked gorgeous in a fantastic gown by the fantastic Alta Moda. The men in the bridal party looked incredible in dove grey suits which looked fantastic with the Blossom Sweet bouts. Tori certainly nailed it on the details, which as a detail-oriented designer I can really appreciate. Everyone and everything looked (for lack of a better word), incredible! I'm so glad Blossom Sweet got to be such a BIG part of their BIG day!

All the designs were rather decadent, and therefore rather time-intensive. Hence . . . I had approximately 3 minutes and 26 seconds to snag a few photos, possibly even less than that. I only got photos of about 10% of the event/my designs [my-oh-my the centerpieces were to die for], so I can only hope that at some point I get more photos. Keep your fingers crossed with me!

THE buffet piece:

ultra huge, ultra bellisimo
hanging amaranthus, pink mink protea, roses (2 varieties), explosion bush, callas white, callas blush-airbrushed, draping pieris buds, lisianthus (2 varities), champagne spray roses, lime cymbidiums, lemon leaf, manzanita branch, hydrangea, jewels jewels jewels!

THE cake:
a creation by Carrie's Cakes, this was my favorite cake of all weddings for which I've designed. I can't recommend Carrie's Cakes highly enough!
hydrangea, callas, hanging amaranthus, juliet garden roses, miranda garden roses, dahlias, handcrafted fabric leaves (created by yours truly)

P.S. The bouquet. Sigh. THE BOUQUET. In my opinion, it was the crowning jewel of all Blossom Sweet bouquets to date, and if I may say, that's saying a lot. It took 3+ hours to create! Like the cake, it also featured lots of handcrafted fabric skeleton leaves in hues blush & champagne (again, handcrafted by yours truly), as well as rhinestones, pearls white, pearls pink, and multiple platinum brooches selected by the bride. Naturally, I have no photo at this point. But trust me, it was lightyears beyond stunning. I looked it up, a lightyear is 5,865,696,000,000 miles. That's what I'm talking about. A definite personal favorite.

Vendors in the photos:
Venue: Tuscany Restaurant of Salt Lake City
Cake: Carrie's Cakes

Happy weekend!

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Melanie said...

Melissa--you do such beautiful work! I LOVE it! I tell everyone I know who is getting married to check out your blog and website. I wish I was getting married to hire you. You are amazing! I love it all!