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Monday, August 9, 2010

tori + eric

I am so excited for Tori's wedding coming up this week! It is going to be gaga-gorgeous! Oh me oh my I've been in a state of anxious anticipation about this one for awhile now.

This Blossom Sweet bride is beyond adorable. It's been a joy to work with her. Although I've never met Eric, from the looks of the following photos, they are a couple who is clearly in love and happy together.

Tori graciously agreed to be the latest Blossom Sweet spotlight, so without further ado, here goes. Thanks, Tori!

Tori + Eric
photography by Nicole Carman

How did you meet?

Eric and I met on Campus at Weber State University, where we both attend school. Eric always makes me tell the story of how I waited outside of his classroom for over a month in hopes that he would talk to me! Unfortunately, he would walk right past me everyday! A friend finally approached him to tell him that I thought he was a hunk! After becoming embarrassed I no longer waited outside of his classroom but he got my number from a friend and it's all history from there!

Who said "I love you" first?

Eric told me he loved me first! We had been dating for 2 years and he told me on our way home from his family Christmas party. Although I may have wanted to say it first and before then, it was well worth the wait! The timing was perfect!

What has been the most fun date you've been on as a couple?

Our most "fun" date as a couple would have to be our first date! And it is by far the most memorable! Eric picked me up with several of his guy friends, me being the only girl, where they took me out in the middle of no where to participate in what they call "bunny bashing". It sounds very harsh but it wasn't as bad as it sounds! However the outcome was! Bunny bashing consists of hunting jackrabbits, after each person would get their jackrabbit we would put it in the bed of the truck. When driving home, a cop pulled us over because of the blood on the side of the truck from putting the rabbits in the bed. He pulled his gun on us, hand cuffed us, and put us on the side of the road while he searched the car. Since killing jackrabbits isn't illegal, the cop had a laugh and let us go with no harm done. After proving that I could "hang" with the guys, we hang out every day after that!

How did he propose?

Eric proposed in a way that I never will forget! He has a great sense of humor, one of the reasons I love him so much, and I will never forget how he did it! I bought Eric a handgun for Christmas and in May he still hadn't shot it. He planned that we needed to go on a hike for him to test it out. He packed us a lunch and we hiked up a beautiful trail in Ogden. We finally got to a clearing and he took the gun case of of his bag and told me to get it out while he loaded the clip. When I opened the gun case there was a picture of Eric cheesing it! The best part about it was he had cut out one of his front teeth and put the ring up through the back of the paper so it looked like he was wearing a grill! I couldn't hold it back, I started laughing and he looked up to see he had gotten down on one knee! It was so great and everyone gets a kick out of the story!

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