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Friday, August 6, 2010

love it or hate it - it's mine and it's sublime

I had a consultation with an upcoming bride today. As we were looking over potential designs, we happened upon this photo on my website:

Now, before I tell you about this upcoming bride's reaction, let me tell you about some of the reactions I had about this arrangement when I first posted it last year:

"Oh my! The watering can is genius."
"I love the watering can, it's so cute!"
"That photo looks like it came out of a magazine."

In contrast, at today's consult I heard,

"Oh, I definitely DON'T like that. Ew. No."

So, this brings up an interesting point, which is to say that it brings up the fact that each bride is different, and each bride's tastes, style, and preferences are different. And that is okay! My job as a designer would be boring if everyone had a one-track mind in their design concepts. And my purpose as a designer would be unfulfilled if I didn't bring specified aesthetics to specified clients.


Personally, I adored this piece - it's still one of my favorites! I stand by my designs and I stand up for my art, knowing that each design will speak differently to each person.

Love it or hate it, it's mine, and it's sublime.

2 sweet thought{s}:

Great flower lady said...

I also think age has a lot of plan in brides reactions.. I think it is really cute

Melissa Suzanne said...

Thank you for your comment - I think you may be absolutely right. This particular client is a mother of teenagers and will be having her second wedding, so she is somewhat older than my typical client.