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Monday, August 23, 2010

blossom sweet bouts

Let's start this post with some visual inspiration. Here are some of my favorite past Blossom Sweet Bouts. Enjoy!

Now, let's get down to some transcribed inspiration with a recent personal experience along with advice from UBB:

I designed a wedding this past weekend and received a text from the wedding party just prior to the Saturday evening ceremony asking, "Do the boutonnieres and corsages go on the right side or left?" Well, I called them right away and told them that while I didn't know the specific RULE, my opinion based upon:

1. what everyone of my clients had always done, and
2. what I personally believe looks best

was that they should go on the left side.

Later on that evening, I did my semi-regular check of Utah Bride Blog, and found that just one day prior, boutonniere "rules" had been posted! If only I had seen it a few hours earlier, I would have known upon giving my opinion to this wedding party that I was absolutely correct!

I'd like to share Friday's UBB post with you here, entitled "The Bout or The Buttonhole?" posted by Audrey:

"A tradition with strength behind it, perfect for its masculine nature. A wedding tux or even suit seems so unfinished without a bout! A necessary detail!

Although its a simple detail there are many artistic ways to make the bout its own piece of art. The creative use of foliage or manipulation of bloom often turns the bout more sculpture like, and the use of beads, wire, buttons, bling, fabric, and other elements add a personalized style.

A few tips from the trade in choosing the appropriate bout …

1. Consider the color of the tux when considering the tone of the flower – if your going traditional black tux you want to make sure that you go light enough that the bout does its job, or at the very least the foliage design sets it apart from the tux.

2. For the men who are less then thrilled about a flower on their body, use something with a little more organic feel, perhaps just some elegantly designed foliage, a small succulent or herbs rather then flowers. A mini calla lily as well as a bird of paradise are typically seen in their singular format to be fairly masculine.

3. The boutonniere should be worn on the outside of the buttonhole on the left lapel. It is common to secure the bout or buttonhole from the back side of the lapel with a pin, but if you like the look of a pearl or otherwise decorative pin it is not faux paux to pin from the front.

4. Who gets a bout – well rule of thumb, any man dressed in bridal party attire without a doubt but dont forget the officiant and consider the grandfathers also.

So is it a buttonhole or a boutonniere? Boutonniere is the common name used here in the US. Buttonhole is more commonly used in the UK. In the UK florist typically focus the buttonhole on one singular flower, in the US bouts can be more defined as a cluster or detailed singular flower. Either way the terms are pretty interchangeable these days!"


"blossom sweet bouts" photo credits from top to bottom: yours truly, courtney brooke, twila clair, retrospect studios, yan photo

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