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Monday, July 5, 2010

photo of the month: july

utah wedding flowers, provo wedding flowers, salt lake wedding flowers
Happy July! And Happy Independence Day celebrations!

I'm back from Lake Powell, and as the grocery store cashier so tactfully said to me this weekend, "Wow. You're like really sunburned." Yes. Thank you for pointing that out.

Anyway, wanted to share one of my favorite photos from Amy + Aaron's big event that took place a couple weeks ago. Wowsa was her bouquet ever gorgeous! I have tons more pics from the fantastical occasion . . . but I'm keeping them to myself! At least for the time being. :)

{photography by Kate Osborne}

disclaimer - this bouquet was huge, and basically featured every flower in the known universe. So, I may miss a few. Here goes . . .

flowers used: peonies (4 varieties), nigella, veronica, scabiosa, scabiosa pods, thistle, garden roses, kale, lisianthus, craspedia, dahlias (2 varieties), spray roses (2 varieties), godetia, butterfly bush

Okay, that was less painful than I thought. :) Hope you love it! Happy July!


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so ultimately gorgeous!