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Thursday, July 22, 2010

is it too late to apologize? too late . . . ?

Ladies and gentlemen, Blossom Sweet owes you an apology! It was brought to my attention a couple of days ago that the blog playlist songs now had voice-overs swearing up a storm. Honestly, ever since we took it off auto-start many moons ago, I hadn't listened to it! I am so sorry and I hope you know we'd never knowingly include something like that on a blog donning the Blossom Sweet name. I guess the company I got the song codes from is having some kind of problem with that. The playlist has now been completely removed because that is just not okay with me.

So, if any of you happened to be un-lucky enough to have to listen to such vulgarity, "is it too late to apologize?" I hope it's not too late!

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