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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

give me a peachy keen giveaway: 25,000 visitors

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Today the Blossom Sweet Blog passed the mark of 25,000 visitors, so naturally, this moment must be celebrated with a giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling us what you love most about SUMMER!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter. The winner of this FABULOUS SUMMER PRIZE will be chosen using a random number generator and will be announced on Sunday.

Please be sure to leave your email address and phone number in your comment so that we can contact you should you win.

Thank you so much to all of you faithful blog visitors for getting us to this exciting milestone of 25,000 visitors! Good luck in the giveaway!

When I think of summer, one of the colors that comes to my mind is peach. I LOVE everything peach; you may have noticed that it has been one of the focal colors of the blog for quite some time now. A couple of my favorite peach/summer correlations:

1. I remember that during one of the summers I spent in Georgia being able to smell the fragrance of fresh peaches carried on the breeze. Divine, I say, simply divine.

2. Last year I threw my first annual "cobbler night," a big party at my place with lots of fresh peach dutch-oven cobbler & summer fun. Can't wait 'til this year's in a month or so!

In honor of my favorite summer fruit & color, I've created an inspiration board, "PEACHY KEEN." Hope you enjoy it!

photos found at:

Martha Stewart Weddings
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Summer Picnic Wedding
Green Wedding Shoes
Aisle With Style

10 sweet thought{s}:

G said...

So my very favorite of many favorites is that smell that comes up from the hot pavement right after it rains. It is like nothing else.

meeyeehere said...

Ooh, a fresh rain is nice and maybe the scent of a cold wind picking up,that is so nice.I am ruled by the smells of things.Scent is like a memory for me.Well,it always reminds me of something from childhood.It's weird but true.


Julie said...

My favorite thing about summer are the warm star filled nights- perfect for taking walks or just some deep thought and contemplation! julie.gibbons@vandals.uidaho.edu 208-293-4226

Nancy said...

Congrats, Melissa! My favorite thing about Summer is being able to (really) drive with your windows down. The hot breeze at night feels so refreshing! nancy.randle@gmail.com 801-400-8975

Jessica said...

Fun giveaway! My favorite thing about summer is the yummy fruit! jesswall17 at gmail And I think you know my phone number :)

Judy and KC said...

I loved the peach colored pictures, my wedding was peach and brown (in the 70's) and now it's back in style! Who knew? Anyway, one of my favorite things about summer is sleeping with the windows open and hearing the crickets chirping outside. Heaven!

kcandjudy@comcast.net 801-225-4408

caitlynirene said...

The best thing about Summer is laying out and getting tan!!!

(801) 360-0817

Whitney said...

The best part of summer is watermelon and bbq's!


Elaine said...

My favorite parts of summer are the flowers in the garden, the 4th of July, fruit,fruit and more fruit and air conditioning!


Rach, Mike and Allie said...

I love the 4th of July for sure! I also love a good southern rain storm.
rachmeldrum at gmail dot com