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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

colour lovers: a guide to choosing your wedding colors

Oh me oh my, I have found a new love. It's a little site called Colour Lovers. If you are having a hard time choosing your wedding colors or just want some fresh ideas for home decor, etc., I would highly recommend this site.

It is especially good if you have your focal color picked out, but are having a hard time choosing your accent colors. You can find your focal color, and then choose the option to see "palette" suggestions containing that particular hue.

For example, let's take one of my favorite shades of the moment:

a primrose color called "hopeful" on Colour Lovers:

So we choose "hopeful," and then 37 pages of color palettes come up with suggestions of colors that look good with our chosen shade. Now, remember that's 37 pages - not 37 palettes - 37 pages containing about 10 or so palettes per page. I didn't look through all 37 pages, but here are some of my favorite combos I found, starting with my very favorite:

antique china:

emily and jane:

her rose:


hope in colour:

it's nice that!!:

my way back home:


oriental garden:




prom night:

strawberry sprinkle:

As you can see, one color can take you in so many different directions. Happy color picking!

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