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Monday, June 21, 2010

lesson 1, lesson 2

Last night was Aaron & Amy's big event - and it went off without a hitch. My oh my was it ever gorgeous! Absolutely stunning - the biggest Blossom Sweet wedding to date (slightly larger than Elizabeth's Park City extravaganza last summer). I learned a couple of things last night, and I'd love to share them with you:


As this event was such a huge undertaking, this Blossom Sweet blogger is plum wore out - even a day later. When I returned home at 12:30 am last night from striking (cleaning up) the event, my feet hurt so bad that I could hardly walk!

{Note to self: DON'T WEAR FLATS for a wedding that takes so much time to design, set up, and take down - no matter how much cuter they look than ugly tennis shoes.}

For future reference, let me illustrate this point to make myself remember:

DON'T {even though I love a cute pair of flats!}:

DO {even though I would never wear these . . . just illustrating a point. And let me say the velcro really drives the point home!}:
That was my first lesson I wanted to share with you from last night. Now, on to the second.


As my trusty-rusty assistant was helping me clean up, I said to her upon trying to load a large, heavy antique door into the vehicle which was already approaching full capacity (we were not succeeding terribly well at this particular feat), "You know, this is when a husband would really come in handy."

{Note to self: find a husband - one of the strong, brawny variety who likes to lift heavy things - preferably before your next big event. Oh, and who loves you - optional.}
Weddings. The school of florist life.

Good night!

*And might I add, a special THANKS to my assistants Leslie and Melanie for your work which was perfection. Thank you, thank you!

4 sweet thought{s}:

Kayleen T. Photography said...

Haha...this made me laugh! And yes, a husband who loves you might equal less complaining when lifting those heavy things.

Karen Ella said...

HAHAHHAHAH. I love this. I said that same thing this weekend. On of my brothers-in-law was being particularly helpful and I said, "Man, I gotta get me one of these." :)

Ella Bella Floral said...

You are absolutely right on track there! I don't know how we would do it without husbands especially when loading the couches. BTW... I had someone bring me a picture of one of your bouquets today for their inspiration:)

studio stems said...

its pretty rare that i dont learn some kind of lesson, usually small but on occasion big. glad you learned a few things. but also glad things went off without any hitches per say!

also your peonies and bud vases are gorgeous. super simplicity, that would be a good way to make this pricey bloom extend far on a centerpiece ... look like more then it is. long table style :) love and adore it.

went to LA flower market this morning. got the most amazing peonies of my life for jules. it was a blast. wish you were here!