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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i'm back and it's june!

Happy last day of school! Happy Memorial Day! Happy June!

It would appear I missed a lot over the past week. Did you miss me? :)

But, now I'm back to life, reality, and Blossom Sweet blogging. California was absolutely fantastic. It was relaxing, laid back, and not in any way scheduled or structured. My kind of getaway! I usually make my annual pilgrimage to Palm Springs in July, but decided to go a little earlier this year. I loved it - it wasn't too hot yet (I despise being hot, and it was only in the mid 90's the whole trip) and there was a cool breeze every evening which made for an atmosphere condusive to sitting outside on the patio swing. Lovely, lovely.

And now, it's time for June's photo of the month. Since I absolutely love big, healthy dahlias in their peak season, I've decided to feature a photo I took just prior to Liz's bridals session last summer. Her fabulous sitting bouquet:

Flowers used: lisianthus, dahlias, coneflower, millet, china berries, hydrangea.

I had a wedding the day before I left for CA featuring dahlias just like this, so I will be posting a couple of the photos I got from that event in the near future!

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