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Saturday, June 12, 2010

dahlias schmalias

I just got back from my annual family reunion (so great!) and I'm plum tuckered out, but I promised a post today, so said promised post you will get!

Tyler & Hilda entered the realm of "Mr. & Mrs." a few weeks ago - the day prior to my Californian hiatus to be exact (tear, I miss the sun, tear). I was able to snap a few shots of the bridal party floral which I loved. Enjoy!

There were many, many ceremony pomanders (that I do not have photos of, naturally), but I will just tell you that they were a level of adorable which was to die for. Does that make up for no photos? Okay, good. Just checking. :)

Special thanks to my models, Justin & Caitlyn for posing ever-so-graciously. Pros, I tell ya. Thanks, thanks!

Colors: black, white, & pool (aka a softer version of turquoise)

Flowers used: giant/gorgeous dahlias, peonies, button mums, fringe tulips, queen anne's lace, lisianthus, israeli ruscus, variegated lily grass

Ah, and now I wish I was going to bed. But, alas, I must get ready for an evening up the canyon which will include a bonfire, friends, s'mores, and ghost stories extraordinaire. Oh yeah, and frigid temps, even though it's ... JUNE! Thank you, my dearest Utah. I've got to get my second wind! See you next week!

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