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Friday, June 25, 2010

the art of the bud vase

Have you ever gotten a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket or - gasp - Costco and wanted to take that un-arranged bouquet and take it from nothing special to something spectacular? How do you do it?

we'll call it the art of the bud vase.

I had ten peonies the other day - no greenery, no other flowers - just peonies. I wanted those ten peonies to make a statement, and I wanted each of them to have their individual moments in the sun with room to bloom. So, I decided to break out the bud vases.

Here's the result:

Now, a few days later, each of the peonies have bloomed to full capacity and they look gaga-gorgeous! With just ten simple stems, I was able to create a large, stunning, understated centerpiece which has gracefully added color and fine design to our dining area.

Anyone can buy these particular bud vases at Walmart for under $2 each. This arrangement took ten stems, ten vases. Never know how to make those supermarket bouquets look good? Keep a collection of bud vases on hand and you'll never fail. Just remember the ratio of:

1 vase : 1 bloom

Pretty simple? Pretty simply gorgeous!

2 sweet thought{s}:

Camilla said...

Love this! And I love your house! So cute!

Jillian said...

Definitely a fan--of the bud vase, the flowers AND your amazingly perfect room you've got there! L-O-V-E it.