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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

amy + aaron

Amy and Aaron are getting married this coming Saturday. To say that I am excited for their event would be the understatement of the century. I am beyond ecstatic! I have never been so excited about any design concept - I simply cannot wait! It's going to be faaaabulous.

I met Amy several months ago. I first received an email from her telling me that she had asked her sister-in-law about what vendors she liked and didn't like for her wedding which took place in 2008. When it came to flowers, her sis-in-law said,

"I had [so and so] do the flowers for my wedding, but - had I known about them -
I WISH I would have hired Blossom Sweet."
. . .

Well, what a compliment! Thank you!

Ever since our initial consultation, I feel that Amy and I just hit it off. Stylistically, personality-wise, etc., we are a superb match for this floral endeavor. I've told Amy this before - and I'm truly serious - she is "the client of dreams." It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Amy on this event. I even was able to attend her bridal shower! How great is that? Told you - fantastic client. She meets - and sets - the quota for this blog series labeled under "clientele extraordinaire."

So let's get to the spotlight, shall we? Yes, let's.

Amy + Aaron
[photography by Mallory Wilkes - new site coming soon!]

1. How did you meet?

Aaron and I have had an amazing, unique way about meeting each other. We both took a shot in the dark and joined e-harmony. He had been a member for a few months before I joined. After only 2 weeks of me being a member we were “matched” on August 8th, 2009 and he chose to “communicate” with me. E-harmony is special in that it matched you with people that are compatible on 25 different dimensional areas. We have so many similarities and yet enough differences to keep things interesting. It did not take long for us to realize we were a perfect fit. We talked for about a month before we finally had our first date on September 19th, 2009. Our first date felt like we had known each other for forever and it was plain to see we were going to be a couple from that day on.

Blossom Sweet Note: Amy + Aaron are actually NOT my first clients to have met via the realm of online dating. Seems to be working for quite a few couples!

2. How did he propose?

Aaron is very smart and sneaky! The day he proposed was Wednesday, November 25, 2009. It was the day before Thanksgiving Break and I was at school teaching my little first graders. Aaron called me at lunch to see how my day was going and was asking me if I was going to take my class to the computer lab after lunch. I thought it was strange and wondered why it was so important for him to know. I didn’t think much of it however, being the naive person that I am. I said goodbye to him and rounded up my class to take up to the computer lab. As I was walking down the hall I saw the principal look at me and turn around back towards the office. I thought it was strange, but kept on walking. My class and I were in the computer lab for about 10 minutes when my principal came in filming my class and me. Again I thought it was out of the ordinary but just went with it. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked Aaron holding a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and wearing a big smile on his face. I was in absolute shock and completely caught off guard. He started walking towards me and handed me the roses. Then he got down on one knee and took out a little gray box. He opened it up and said, “Amy will you marry me?” I always thought I would cry when I got engaged, but I was too busy laughing in shock and amazement! I said YES of course and we hugged and my class giggled and applauded for us. My class was so cute about the whole thing and begged us to share a smooch! To this day my class talked about Aaron like he is a celebrity and will always remember the day I became engaged. It was a very creative and plotting way to get engaged. Aaron is very good at keeping me on my toes and surprising me, which I love!

3. Describe your favorite aspects of your relationship?

There are so many “favorites” on this one! We see eye to eye on so many things! We have been pretty relaxed and comfortable with each other since we first started talking. We just love being in each other’s company. We are content just snuggling next to each other and not necessarily doing anything or going anywhere. Our close friends and family say that we act as if we have already been married for years! We are open and honest with each other and have never been afraid to discuss difficult or uncomfortable matters.

4. What is the most romantic date you have been on as a couple?

The two of us would agree that the most romantic date was September 26th, 2009 when we went four wheeling up a huge mountainside. The view was absolutely breathtaking! We were facing each other on the four-wheeler when we reached the top with our helmets on and our hands intertwined. There is something about being in nature and feeling the rush of a rapidly moving four-wheeler under your feet that makes you experience a natural high, add a boy to that and the butterflies start to fly!

5. What is the most fun or original date you have been on as a couple?
For us we would both agree the four wheeling date. It was my first experience on one and it was something Aaron really enjoyed doing. It was fun experiencing one of his passions with him and needless to say I was impressed with how safe he made me feel while still letting me feel “the rush.”

6. When was the moment that you realized you were in love?

It was September 26th, 2009. I actually felt that I loved him before we embarked on our four wheeling adventure. I was afraid of what I was experiencing because it happened fast and hit me quickly! The feeling only intensified over the course of the day and I was relieved when he told me he loved me that same day! We were back from a fun filled day of four wheeling and were just unwinding at the dinner table. We were facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes and Aaron whispered that he loved me. I did not hesitate to tell him I loved him too!

7. What are your favorite qualities about each other?

Aaron: She is kind, caring, loving, clean and organized, always thinking about me, and she has an amazing ability to make me feel like I’m the most important thing that ever happened.

He is so selfless; he always has my best interest in mind with a desire to provide for my needs and wants. He constantly does small, thoughtful things that exemplify his love for me. He is a romantic, he is SMART and an amazing problem solver. He is able to think outside the box, which I stand in awe of all the time! He loves me for me and makes me feel like I am the specialist, most beautiful girl in the world! I could go on for days….

8.What has been the best part about engagement? The hardest part?

The best part of our engagement is that it has given us time to really get to know each other on so many different levels. It has also allowed me to get to know his family on deeper levels since I spent most weekends up in Idaho. The hardest part without a doubt was the distance and constant traveling back and forth from Salt Lake to Idaho or from Idaho to Salt Lake every weekend. The whole experience was very exhausting, time consuming, costly, and most importantly heart wrenching to only spend 2 days together before parting for a week at a time.

Thanks so much for agreeing to be spotlighted, A + A! It's been so great to work with you, Amy, and gain not only a client most marvelous, but a new friend as well. See you Saturday - can't wait!

2 sweet thought{s}:

Jillian said...

Cute couple! I'm excited to see what you came up with for them.

Just fyi--I think the dates are all supposed to be 2009 instead of 2010... seeing how some of those months haven't happened yet :)

Melissa Suzanne said...

Haha thanks, Jillian. Dates changed to 2009. Although... now that I think about it, maybe it would be good for business if my spotlights were projections of future dates, relationships, and engagements! I should get on that. :)