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Friday, May 21, 2010

double wedding weekend? get out of town!

I will be out of the office for the next 9 days and will not have access to email. I will have access voice-mail and will return calls on a limited basis until I return.

Holly & Morgan are entering into marital bliss this fine morning [what beautiful light they will have - perfect weather!], and I snagged a few photos before handing over the flowers.

Actually, as I'm writing this, I just got a text from the bride [Holly #3], telling me thank you and that the "...flowers are GORGEOUS!" Ah, no matter how many times I get them, I do love such texts from brides when they see their flowers for the first time. Makes me smile. :)

Anyway, back to the post. The photos may be grainy [so mad at my busted camera! it must have rolled around in the bottom of my purse with all my lip glosses one too many times... let's be honest] but they are still beautiful and will give you a small glimpse into Holly's wedding [hopefully I'll get more photos at some point].

Enjoy! Good luck today, Holly & Morgan!

The bouquet [notice the handle treatment - Holly's wedding has somewhat of a monogram theme]:
The corsages [lovely]:
The mini-bout [my favorite! for the bride's 7 year old brother. so dainty, so precious!]:

flowers used: peonies [2 shades], esperance roses, spray roses, viburnum, hydrangea, queen anne's lace, ivy, lily grass, mini callas.

colors: soft pinks & greens, cream, and champagne.

Now on to working on my other wedding which is tomorrow [photos to be posted at a later time]. And what do I do after I have a double wedding weekend? I GET OUT OF TOWN! Yes, I will be going out of town directly following tomorrow's event. I'm headed to sunny Palm Springs, CA and I'm really excited - I have been insanely busy lately and can't wait for this ultra-relaxing retreat!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you in about a week!

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