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Thursday, April 22, 2010

sparse posting: the reason

Hey all, just wanted to apologize for the sparseness of my posting the past couple of weeks! I thought to ease your minds I'd let you in on the reason why. This will be another "getting to know the artist" moment.

I have been putting every spare moment into a project for my grandma, Orvetta Nickle. She will be turning 89 this year, and over the span of her lifetime she has written hundreds of poems and stories. The project I've undertaken is to type all of her writings and create a sort of heirloom book for my grandma and her family. The book is coming along swimmingly, but it is very time consuming! It will be a great thing for my grandmother's posterity which is now over 100 to have access such a collection of her writings.

For both organizational and ease-of-access purposes, I first created a blog where it was easy to divide everything into chapters and organize all the scans of her original handwriting as well as have a section for old photos. Let's just say the thought of making 100+ DVDs with all the digital files was daunting so I decided that a blog was the perfect way to make everything digitally accessible to any of Orvetta's posterity who wanted it.
Anyway, please feel free to take a peek at the project if you so desire. The address is:

Many of her poems give reference to flowers and to beauty in general, and one of my favorite poems is included in that mix. I thought I'd share it here. For all those with daughters, I hope you love it!

by Orvetta Nickle

I think when God formed the rose bud
And filled it with morning's dew,

When He arched the rainbow above me

And touched it with delicate hue,

When He made the freshness of springtime,

The softness of clouds above,

He thought of creating a daughter

To send to a mother to love.

For a daughter's the fragrance of summer,

That lingers the whole year through,

She's the sweetness of cherished moments

The delicate pinks and blues.

She is pure as the clear rippling waters,

The music the soft breezes play.

She borrowed her smile from the angels,

As they kissed her goodbye that day.

For there's a bit of heaven about her,

And heaven shall always be

Close to my heart - to have and to hold -

Because He sent her to me!

I'll be back to posting next week with a spotlight and a couple of portrait bouquets as two of my clients have their bridals next week.

Happy Weekend!
Post to you soon.

3 sweet thought{s}:

Great flower lady said...

I love this!! how cool, your doing a great job~ thanks for sharing....

Karen Ella said...

Whoa, Melissa! You look JUST LIKE your grandmother!!!

Jillian said...

Fun stuff. Hey, did you know you can actually back date the posts to years long before Blogger was even invented? I've done that for a couple journal transcription projects to keep the chronological factor intact. Don't know if you need it for this, but I thought I would mention it.