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Sunday, April 11, 2010

petal particulars: peony

Hello, lovelies. I'm back! After a hectic, tiring, out-of-this-world-busy March, I decided to be a stowaway for my family's spring break this past week as it was the first week in a LONG time that I wasn't swamped with a huge event. We went down to St. George and had a proverbial blast!

Anyway, I guess it's time to get back to life, back to reality, back to blogging.

I've been meaning to start this new post series for awhile, and what better time to do that than NOW?

Here's the low-down. The new series will be called, "Petal Particulars," and will feature various bloom varieties and give all the stats/details/facts of particular flower species. We'll be discussing size, available colors, seasonality, cost, style, form, texture, etc. etc., and featuring photos for inspiration. It's going to be great - a floral encyclopedia of sorts for blushing brides to be!

We will begin with a flower that is one of my personal favorites (I have many). We're talking about the Peony.

Peony photos:

the bloom:

bouquets (beginning with one of mine):



bridal party:

peony particulars:

colors: white, pink, red, magenta, burgundy, peach
local availability: April-June
size: when fully opened, up to 6-8" across. 1-2' stems
texture: fluffy! great for adding texture. tons of petals, delicate and soft
style: peonies are great for both garden-style and formal events.
cost: high
form: mass flower

photo sources: yours truly, martha stewart weddings, green wedding shoes {love this site!}, the knot, kaboodle, wedding on the brain, event jubilee.

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