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Friday, April 16, 2010

floral nightmares

Today's post on UBB featured a couple florists' experiences with what we've witnessed others go through that could be considered floral nightmares! I wrote up a few experiences I've seen just in the past two months. Here they are:

Foam Fiasco
Last month I was waiting for one of my friends to come out of the Salt Lake temple on her wedding day. As per usual during the spring months, there were brides here, brides there, BRIDES EVERYWHERE! And as a designer, when I saw the following bride's bouquet, it made my heart hurt. The bouquet in question was composed of white daisies, babies breath, and leather leaf. It was designed using a foam bouquet holder with the flowers sparsely placed - it was clearly not put together by a professional. Every few steps the bride took, one or two daisies would fall out of the foam and onto the ground, and then the mother of the bride would pick up the daisies and go back and try to place it back into the foam holder. What a pain! This foam fiasco was certainly one of the saddest bouquets I have ever seen.

From Hot Pink To Hot Mess
Purple is a gorgeous color, but not when you are expecting hot pink! A friend of a friend was married back in February. Her color scheme was hot-pink, black, and white. On her wedding day, after months and months of planning, her flowers were delivered to the ceremony site. To the bride's surprise, all of her flowers were a deep shade of purple! I am told that said bride subsequently burst into tears upon seeing her flowers arrive, and could not stop crying until just before the ceremony. The deep purple floral designs didn't exactly mesh with the abundance of hot pink decor. From hot pink to hot mess in an instant.

Spring Breaking My Heart
Last Thursday around 9 p.m., I received a phone call from a desperate gal, searching for someone who could create a bouquet for her by the following morning. Why the last minute-ness? Well, upon arriving to pick up her bouquet from her non-professional floral designer's house, she discovered that said florist was not home. And upon further investigation, it was learned that the florist had gone out of town with her family for Spring Break! Yep, she plum forgot about the bouquet she had agreed to create. Unfortunately for this bride (but fortunately for me - gotta love sunshine!), I too had been out of town on vacation over Spring Break, and at such late notice the night before the bouquet was needed, I was unable to assist this frantic bride in her time of need. Although I felt terrible for her situation, this was one ill-fated bride that I could not rescue. A note to her florist: you're Spring Breaking my heart!

It really does pay to hire a professional.
[And that's why I've chosen to label this post under "investment."]

1 sweet thought{s}:

Great flower lady said...

Agree Brides only want a pros help when their night mares turn wrong.. They should have invested in a pro in the first place. I have a hard time having empathy for them...